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No More 1 Cent(s)

Another winter day has come
And gone away
And even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

And I?m surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel alone
Oh, let go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I?ve had my run
Baby, I?m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all right
I?ll be home tonight
I?m coming back home

(Home by Micheal Buble)

Bingo! I am thinking of going back home to celebrate Chinese New Year 2008 with my blessed family, cousins, and loving old buddies. Another winter day (Humming repeatedly)…. Er, yes, I suppose to say another holiday. Where have got winter day in Malaysia? Sigh, Malaysia do have winter day. Geography kills me and I have to go back form 3 to do some revision. See. I am building the castle in the air again for another holiday. Daydreaming is my hobby. Ironically, I feel extremely (damn) hot here with the weird weather in massive city, Kuala Lumpur. You guys just try to visualize you are fresh yummy chicken wings and out of a sudden, there is one voracious eater or fellow put you into the microwave. Yuck, Am I using the correct exclamation to describe the hot temperature in my body. The heat of 100 degree Celsius forces me to take shower at least four times a day. No kidding. Looking at the blue skies turn into ebony followed by the symphony of thunderstorm forces me to extend my steps beyond my actual speed. I am expecting raining cats and dogs come, but the whole episode has been a cruel deception. It has not raining, but the sun is shining to give hope and releasing more and more heats.

Let’s back to the subject. What to do with this second entry of this blog? No more 1 cent? You are absolutely correct. Use binoculars to zoom. There are 20 cents and it was in bronze. Does it look like gold? I wish. The total amount is RM1 billion if happened to be gold. Do your maths and tell me the correct amount. Malaysia no more using 1 cent(s) starting from March if I have not mistaken. So, you guys please go and collect as many as possible 1 cent and exchange it to infinity amounts. I would suggest you seal and keep it as memorable collection. Only girls do that. Without realization, 1 cent(s) is working in our mobile phone if the message is a message. Do you understand? No more 1 cent(s) used in Malaysia which also means that Malaysia’s economic has growth tremendously. My parents told me that 1 cent can buy Proton or Jaguar cars long time ago. How much we need to buy a national car now? It means Malaysia is developing towards vision 2020. Let’s stop talking about vision 2020. I introduce you the word, progress. No more 1 cent means we need to have new resolution. It is just simple as that. New resolution in New Year. Whether we are able to achieve our resolution, it leaves another story. My New Year resolution in 2007 is to gain some muscles. Having muscles make you look like a superman. At last, no muscles because I wait for next year. I didn’t go for gym. Then, I keep it for 2008. Perhaps, I will keep on waiting for 2009. See, I don’t work on my resolution. Wait or delay till tomorrow is my favourite silly excuses. That’s why nothing has been achieved. So, my New Year resolution is saying no to delay. Er, I’ll better keep it for next year.

Another day has gone and second semester in university has already started. Second semester is very tough. My CGPA for last semester is 1.43 which means I have passed it. Do you believe? Believe it or not, I want to get the better grades for the second semester. Although this semester looks difficult, it can make your brain grow bigger. No worries, be happy. As you sow, you shall reap. Have big aims and shoot for it is far better instead of sitting doing nothing. Nothing is perfect and be appreciate of your own capabilities. God is awesome because He is perfect. Each and every one of us has purpose to live on. To seek your own purpose in life is a journey and not a destination. Come argue with me and you will quit and cry dramatically. That’s the end of philosophical and internal resolution.

How about external resolution? The answer is I have bought new-branded shoes to replace my old shoes. Frankly speaking, I don’t have to replace it because it still looks new for me. My dad knocked my head because he wants to use it for ‘jogging’ at the orchard. So, no shoes have to buy one-lah. This new shoes has some superb features. It has ANTI-TWIST system which can prevent you from being injured. Secondly, it has HEEL STABILISER which functions as unknown. Thirdly, it has G-SYSTEM for powerful plays. Fourthly, this shoe is PRO which means longer lasting cushioning insoles. I can use it for my whole life unless my dad knocks my head again. Next, it has ERGOSHAPE which means it brings comfort without air-conditioning. How about the last features of this shoe? It has L-SYSTEM which means can improve weight and breath-ability. This pair of shoes will do its performance on stage on the first day of Chinese New Year. So guys, what are your internal as well as external resolutions? Be optimistic and no more 1 cent(s). I hereby wish you all the best in pursuing New Year resolution.

P/s: Happy Chinese New Year to all FRIENDSTER members especially you know who you are.