Monthly Archives: June 2008

Long for ASTRO

My jobless daddy subscribed to ASTRO early last month. With ASTRO, I can watch a variety of programmes suited to my liking and my mood. It’s a far cry from my growing-up years when there were only RTM1 and RTM2. In Tenom, I can say that my family was the last one to have set up ASTRO. ASTRO? I only made friends with ASTRO when I was studying in KL. With ASTRO set up in hostel 1 year ago, I was one of the conquerors. Wednesday is my favourite day because of the latest season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation airs on AXN. Too bad I missed the previous season. Oh gosh, I shall watch the episode where Grisson proposes to Sidle. How does this cool man make it?

Another show which I enjoy is House, also on AXN. I marvel at the deftly-woven script. I never thought a medical doctor as eccentric as House could get away with so many unorthodox decisions. It’s all so hilarious, horrific and touching, all at the same time. The latest season of House is coming. Hooray. Not forgetting to mention Fear Factor.

The learning channels, comprising Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal planet and History Channel, open my eyes to the wonders out there. Lately, I succumbed to The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her inspiring, life-changing talk show provides a venue for discussion of various topics, current issues and contemporary lifestyles. There is a woman from Australia who discovered the baby language. There is a man leaving Microsoft Company because he wants to help the kids to build a library in Nepal. I long for ASTRO whereas the kids in Nepal long for books. His target is to collect 2.5 billion books by year 2020. There is a woman who shared how she was verbally and physically abused by her husband. Suzan gave tips on how to manage your money. All these people shared their experience, and give inspiration to people.

I’d prefer to walk at Yosemite National Park to experience nature first-hand, but I’d have to save up for a trip there. And I’d love to go to Sydney, London, Paris, and Tokyo, but being a city denizen all my life has dulled my survival instincts. Travel and Living channel saves me.

Hence, ASTRO is such a marvel. Entertainment, knowledge and current events are at your fingertips. Yes, speaking of current events, there are the news channels. I never thought that I’d see the day when I can watch news 24 hours a day. Be it BBC, CNN, CCTV9, Al-Jazeera (English and Arabic) or Bloomberg, rest assured that no one can miss what’s going on anywhere in the world. For news with local perspectives, Awani and lately Bernama TV couldn’t have come at a better time. Sad to say there is no channels like SuperSport. Why not go for a jog? Talking about jogging, I met my principal from ex secondary school. Besides, I met my superb ex physic and chemistry teacher as well. Right now, she has 3 cute children. You can look for this teacher in my Friendster photos if you are eager to know how brilliant she is.

Pay-per-view gives one more choice. We’re just so spoiled for choice. Talking about choice, I am reading ‘The Choice’ by Nicholas Sparks. My aim to finish 2 novels is almost reached since I have finished reading  ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks again. I wish I could live happily ever after like Noah and Allie. Frankly speaking, I sometimes don’t know which programme to watch and I don’t have the time for TV. With ASTRO, my holiday is just another assignment for me to improve my language proficiency. Choose right and think twice, I am glad to wake up at 6am. The ntv7 breakfast shows at 8am indeed is worth waking up for. Although it is not a full-package subscription, I want to say two last words: thanks daddy.