Jogging gives lecture



Guess what? I love March! Indeed I have learned a lot during the month of horrible March. The description given to March is contradicting with what I have said earlier. Yeah, everything turns into normal now. Right now, I can have plenty time to replace my sleepless nights. Due to lack of sweet dreams at night, my neck cannot be twisted either left or right. If I were dared to twist, you could hear me shout, ‘Ouch!’ The sudden pain was one of the symptoms of stress. It is normal! Stress can be good or harmful. It depends on how ‘homo sapiens’ deal or perceive with it. Frankly speaking, stresses that I had gone through more or less rejuvenated my mind. It warns me to appreciate time. It teaches me how to manage time. In term of stress management, I would say I cope it quite well this time compared to my 2 years of Foundation. There is still room for improvement and I will not allow one of the bricks in the building falls down to my head. Praying Rosary by following and holding beads by beads either in wee hours of the morning or midnight, hail, Mary, full of Grace indeed is watching me and protecting me especially during the season of Lent. I felt calmness and peacefulness each time I finished the prayer.

Since nightmare was considered over, I invited Zul and Alif to go jogging with me at Permaisuri Lake in the morning to check whether we are still physically fit or not. I was happy as lark! I was over the Jupiter! I was in seventh heaven! Perhaps, I am running out of idioms. I jog for 3 rounds which I guess 7 rounds of standard football field. Calculator is needed here! It meant that I was physically fit. Horse power! But my muscles were quite painful now since I have not been jogging for about 2 months. I think my body felt goose bump with my performance. Forgot to mention, I didn’t jog for non-stop. Gotcha! But first round jog I stopped when I reached the group of pretty aunties doing ‘cha cha’ dance. I stopped because I afraid I will bump into their bodies. Jogging indeed is good exercise for everyone. Jogging is not discriminating. All walks of people can do it. I saw young, elderly, couples, singles, pretty girls, family, and children. They were jogging with purpose. Without purpose, they will not wake up early in the morning running madly like Forest Gump. Ouch, Forest Gump did have purpose of running. Stressing the importance of jogging one more time, it is very good for our health. Jogging is good for our hearts. Jogging can help burn up our bodies’ fat. Jogging is one of the anti-aging methods. No wonder the group of aunties dancing and twisting their booties was looking energetic and gorgeous. Half way of my jogging, I had chance to see the art of Tai Chi. There were some elderly seemed following the instruction given by the master. Tai Chi wasn’t for me. Just like yoga I find it too slow, I can never seem to shut my mind off completely and focus on the task at hand. So I have decided to give hand boxing a try while I was jogging. Imaginatively, I figured beating someone or something even if it’s the air up at this point may do me some good! Without realization, I was sweating a lot at my back which meant I am healthy, physically fit.

3 rounds of jogging finally came to an end. I have conquered Permaisuri Lake with only 3 rounds. Reaching destination but no one announce me as a winner. Embarrassingly, when imaginary fish as a judge told me that no one is competing with me. I now realized there was really no one competing with me. Therefore, everyone was declaring themselves as a winner depend the limit or goal that have been set by everyone of us. By Jogging, we are actually competing with ourselves. By jogging, we are actually motivated by seeing others running to reach the destination. We learnt to be more patience and never give up. By Jogging, I can vividly see my future dream. A sense of family togetherness cropped up when I saw parents bringing their children together to burn up fat. Besides, future Wong Mei Choo and Lee Choong Wei were also there because I saw parents playing badminton with their small kids. Oh my ‘dog’, dog also wanted to burn up some fat while seeing this pretty girl bringing along her ‘Marley’. If I were found out her dog shitting at the lake, I will instantly call the security guard to send her love letter. Many scenes I came across. I took a very last deep inhale and exhale in front of Permaisuri Lake.Shouting silently, ‘What a wonderful day!’ Thank to Creative MP4 blasting orchestra songs to boost my jogging.  After that, I knew 1500ml of plain water desperately waiting for me. Physically fit? Checked!


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Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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