Monthly Archives: September 2009

Can reading win over my body?

I would rather do nothing, but keep on reading.

For doing nothing, I can call myself idle labourer of mind.

While I am reading, don’t you think I am using my left as well as my right brains?

While I am reading, don’t you think I am working?

After reading, I feel exhausted. My mind was so tired.

My mind was insensible accompanied by the unpredictable weather. Humid air? Get off!

I am tired mentally, but not physically. Which one is more superior? Mentally or physically?

I realized my mind is conquering over my body. Mind is superior then?

Thinking makes me tired. Shall I stop thinking? Jogging exercises my endurance.

You probably heard of healthy body leads to healthy mind?

Shall I keep on jogging to have strong mind?

Or shall I take good care of my body for body is the temple of God?

For I have strong mind, I can keep on reading

I don’t want to close my eyes after 6 seconds of reading.

I want to keep on and surpass three hours of reading.

For my life would be in full satisfaction with a cup of coffee and a good book to read.