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Knock His door or He knocks yours

I have such a feeling that one of my pupils will tell me he doesn’t believe in God while I am a class teacher in the near future filling his choices of religion. How should I response?What is the basic explanation that I can provide to him since I believe strongly in God? St. Thomas Aquinas’ five proofs for the existence of God can be a good start if only he knows how to solve abstract things at his age.

Therefore, I will ask him why? I will ask him why he doesn’t believe in God. What if he tells me that because the existence of Him is not tangible?  I will tell him that there are many things we don’t feel and touch, yet we believe they exist. I don’t have to convince him anyway. I would just make him face his contradictions by asking why he is running from Him. As he grows up day by day, I believe that he will feel the touch of God somewhere at unknown time. It depends whether he wants to response or ignore. Ultimately he will be boiled down into three-word process: Investigation, decision, and transformation if only he chooses to seek. Hopefully he will find the truth, for the truth will set him free.

Now you ask what would be a different if he believes in God. The answer is everything.Everything takes meaning if he believes there is a greater being ruling everything and directing everything to his salvation.


How Special are We?

A friend of mine once recommended me to take IQ test supervised by Malaysian Mensa Society. I told her I will take it one day, but until now I didn’t put much effort in reaching it out. Not so long ago I found out this website and had taken two tests. The results are as below:



Anyway, if curiosity gets the better of you, the website is Have fun discovering yourself. Don’t get offended because in the eyes of God, we are special. We have our own potential and yet some of us still struggling to discover it. In short, human beings are not perfect. If you think you are, I am now telling that you are falling into the sin of pride. Below is extract by Saint John Vianney in his catechetical instruction called THE BLESSED CURÉ OF ARS.

A proud person thinks everything he does is well done; he wants to domineer over all those who have to do with him; he is always right, he always thinks his own opinion better than that of others. That will not do! A humble and well-taught person, if he is asked his opinion, gives it at once, and then lets others speak. Whether they are right, or whether they are wrong, he says nothing more.