Monthly Archives: April 2010

Library saves me!


I have spent 5 hours studying for my exam next week.In such a quiet environment, I managed to finish one whole book of Basic Entrepreneurship in almost 3 hours for only today. The phrase, ‘whole book’ may deceive you. It is only not more than 150 pages anyway. While reading it, I tried hard to relate my aunties’ life of doing business. For the whole 14 weeks of lecture. I have not paid any attention on this course. As if I will become the next Bill Gates? I just could not make sense why should I study this subject. Extra knowledge? What a satisfaction finished reading it finally. At this peak and last minutes hours of preparation, I still have another 5 topics to go for another subject called, Ethnicity. These two subjects kill me. I feel drowning and suffocating to digest as my national language a bit rusty now due to my ignorance of practising it. I felt good for the productive 5 hours of studying today. Who saves my intellectual today? National library! Turning my head back before leaving, I tell ‘her’, ‘You are the greatest shopping mall!’ (metaphorically)