Study life from the perspective of Tennis

For the whole 14-week of this semester, the most enjoyable course is none other than Tennis. I considered myself very lucky to have been able to register this course as it was full house initially. As I was praying fervently during add-drop week, God really answered my prayers as there were 3 fellows dropped the course and wait for no more, I signed up merrily inspired by Roger Federer.

Tennis is an interesting game, and it’s a lot like life. For one thing, it’s played on a court according to strict rules. So is your life. Live within the bounds of a society and abide by its law. Tennis always begins with a serve and so does each day. Every morning, you begin with a fresh possibility. Make the most of it. Like life, tennis is a game of volleys. You won’t win them all, but you wont lose them all either. If you learn to recover, charge the net once in a while, and develop a strong backhand, you’ll get through it okay.

Tennis is a game of endurance, and so is your life. A tennis match can go on for hours, and often becomes more a test of stamina than of skill. Determination is your greatest ally off the court as well. If you make up your mind to persevere, you can achieve nearly anything. Someone once said,” I don’t play tennis because I don’t want to be involved in a game where love means nothing.” Make love your motivation for every goal you strive, to accomplish love for God and for other people. Life isn’t just about tennis and points; it’s about good plays along the way.

When I get back my badminton racquet not so long ago and swing it, I feel awkward when my arm moves instead of my wrist. Now I can see why badminton and tennis cannot play at the same time. It clashes and conflicts with each other. Anyway, glad to learn new game, new knowledge.

“If life doesn’t offer a game worth playing, then invent a new one.” –Anthony J.D’ Angelo


About C.K. Aaron

Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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