As I see Taiwan

From 31st of May to 5th of June 2010, I was travelling to Taiwan. The excitement of aviation and travel to Taiwan is so far the sweetest memory that I ever had. The views are magnificent. The roads are smooth, not bumpy. Toilets are clean. No horning on the night market streets. They respect you, so you shall make a way for them. Variety of food, but home cooked foods are still the best. Girls in Taiwan speak so sweetly with a long drag on the ‘yeh’, and the shop assistants will all say, “Come and look-oh, buy fast if you feel want it-oh!” You cannot see Proton cars there, because the driver seat is on the left side. Subway melody is hectic. Suicide cases are rising. Uncountable advanced CCTV is following you all the time. Lots of TV channels freely discussing various issues. Most of them are Buddhist and free thinkers. Too much freedom is not good, because people will make their own standard.  That’s all about external side of Taiwan.

Tour guide Lee is awesome. Not only he is knowledgeable, but also he gives tips on life matters: money, health, education. Some of his tips are ‘Health is wealth’, ‘Don’t compare’, ‘You cannot bring money to heaven!’, and etc. He also emphasized that education starts from young. It confirmed how noble my job as an educator in the future. Married and blessed with 3 daughters, he was once shy to talk with the girl that he liked, ugliest one keep talking with him. Sweat. Most importantly, he told us that there are two most remorseful things in our life. First thing is the person has spent all his money, yet he is still alive. The second is the person has enough savings in bank, yet he dies early. I agree with him. Life is not about how long we can live. It depends on how we can make each day count. Live fabulously! Overall, this trip was worth spent. Take nothing but pictures and leaves nothing but footprints. Enjoy the following photos!




About C.K. Aaron

Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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  1. hey there, u got a nice blog here! why u said it is lame. a person’s blog is never lame coz every1 has a story to tell.u tell ur story in a different way thn others, and so do i…hehe…i havent been to taiwan. like the way you blog on Taiwan and the stuff u encountered there. keep the blog regularly updated ya. take care

  2. I love the two black swans and the mountain pics. =)

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