Licence to teach ABC

I entered the classroom and gave them two choices. From the choices that I gave them, I already expected the choice of answer that they are going to give me. It is a written choice. I shoot them two questions. Choose A if you would like to do 50 questions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and problem solving involving the topic of length. It appeared only one of them eager to counting. The rest? They had chosen the second choice which was making an origami butterfly. They liked purple very much which most of them took purple colour paper. So my mathematics class turned into origami class. It shows that they are children. It double confirmed the theories that I have learned. Intrinsically, learning in fun way is theirs’ nature. There was time when I was imparting my knowledge, 3 of the girls laughing and jiggling disrupting my lesson. You don’t have to shout to them as you will grow old. I just asked them, ‘Hey girls, I don’t know how to laugh and smile since my childhood, share me your story? If I laugh, then you laugh. If I don’t laugh, you make me angry!’ There was also one time this girl while doing exercise asking me, ‘Sir, are you malay or Chinese?’ I answered her, ‘I am InChiMa. My blood mixed with Indian, Chinese, and Malay, but if you cut me into two pieces, my blood is red in colour. So what am I?’ They confused. That was part of my experience with the year 4 girls. Awesome!

Next was my experience with year 1 kids. They were really cute. Asking them to vote which activity they like most, most of them liked games, story, but not song? I thought they like it because they’ve got amazing voice.Don’t judge the book by its cover then. Teaching them make me realize that ‘teaching is not a profession, but is all about passion.’ You need to have special skills. You need to be a good role model. They are like a piece of blank paper ready to fold to be a butterfly. I smoke and they will take drug. ‘Wow, your picture is beautiful!’ ‘Wow, your handwriting can be a future doctor!’ They liked to be praised. They liked to go to toilet. Their moods can be changed all the time. I scold them today. They smile at me back tomorrow. They forget things easily. That’s why I need to keep reminding them. No wonder I felt old and grow hairless after the class. Small kids, you’re my source of anti-ageing.

Today was my last day of practical. I think experience is very importance. Practical is not that tough as what I thought initially. With God, everything is possible. I prayed that I would get the school that help me to grow wiser. I got it. My experience of teaching year 1 girls in fact makes me grow. It helps me to understand girls better. Talking about the presents that I received, I now have 2 new ties. All this while from foundation up to last day of practical I only use 2 ties interchangeably. It shows that I have got no fashion sense. Anyway, I felt really a blessing from God reflecting from the beginning till the end of my practical. Below are just my random thoughts that came up to me during these 3 months of practical:

1.      Be vigilant all the time. Burglar wont inform you when he comes to your house (Observation)

2.      Tomorrow will take care of itself. (lesson planning)

3.      Testing without teaching is cheating. ( Teaching in the class)

4.      How to look fierce without bringing a stick? ( Classroom management)

5.      Hidden curriculum is taught through words of mouth, but it depends the pupil themselves.

So now I got licence to teach like what my supervisor told me. This licence is best to get through experience. With that I offer up the following song to you Lord, for continuously moulds me and guide me to grow. Most importantly, whatever I pray for is according to your will, and not my will. For the coming long breaks, I am going to learn how to cook, gardening, and brushing up my English.

Here I am, Oh God

I bring this sacrifice

My open heart

I offer up my life

I look to You, Lord

Your love that never ends

Restores me again


So I lift my eyes to You Lord

In Your strength will I break through Lord

Touch me now

Let Your love fall down on me

I know Your love dispels all my fears

Through the storm I will hold on Lord

And by faith I will walk on, Lord

Then I’ll see

Beyond my Calvary one day

And I will be complete in You

(Complete by Parachute Band)


About C.K. Aaron

Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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  1. Hey Aaron! Congratulations on your successful practical and licence to teach. I know you’ve studied hard, you deserve that reward. Oh, by the way, Sir… I choose the origami butterfly too! 😀

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