Introducing ICT to Year 1 kids

30 minutes before my English lesson with Year 1 kids kick off. Hopefully my lesson goes smoothly as what I have planned. This less than 2 minutes video shows how I prepare my next English lesson at the computer lab.

Reflecting back my 3 months experience teaching via ICT in the school is not something normal for me to do. It takes a lot of time and discipline for me to start this first entry. This is because I have got poor sense of memory, and don’t dare to ask me how I score my history subject during my secondary school. Let me start off by talking about the video above. Pardon me for the quality of the video because I used my Dslr Nokia 6288 (chewah) to record it while waiting my Year 1 kids to come in. For about 3 months, I think I have used the computer lab at the school not more than 6 times. The distance between 1 Cempaka class to computer lab is something that I don’t like to talk about. It takes 15 minutes to bring the kids and settle down before the whole class say ‘Good morning’ to me. The distance is quite far and I wish got bathroom inside the computer lab, so that I can have a hot bathe and feel fresh before I start my lesson.

‘Sir Aaron, today we don’t go to computer lab?’ asked by one of my kids named Thiva. The reason that the kids like to have English class at computer lab I guess is the comfy environment. (ada air-con bah!) If my class were to take place at computer lab, usually that was how I try to integrate my ICT knowledge in the classroom. This is because everything has been properly set up at the computer lab. All you need to do is preparing PowerPoint and turn on the PC. ‘Wah, the picture is soooo beautiful!’ One of the girls shouted. Through PowerPoint presentation used in my English class, I could really captivate my kids’ attention through colourful and big pictures projected on the wall. I could not recall what was the topic that I taught that time, but it was under the theme, world of stories. Kids really like to hear stories. What more you could imagine teaching Year 1 kids, they can out of a sudden come into you and tell their own stories. Oh kids.

In order for me to come out with my lesson with the integration of ICT, I tried my best to apply what I have learnt from the course, Technology in ESL classroom. Software such as photoscape become my ‘helper’. For example, I was using one of the English CD  to be put in my PowerPoint. To do that, I first had to capture the image of stories in the CD, then pasted and edited using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I had to crop in the way that the story sentences disappeared. The reason is because I have to come out with simplified version of the stories due to the level of my kids’ proficiency. The preparation part consumed lot of my time, and the presentation part was very short. Maybe it is irrelevant to say whether it was worth to prepare or not, but my hope was that the kids would enjoy and appreciate my lesson. That’s matter!

Now I suddenly want to talk about the condition of the PC in computer lab. This is something frustrated to talk about. Poor maintenance. Once I inserted my pen-drive into the desktop, I could hear sound like squeaky mouse. 40 plus trojan viruses ulat-ulats detected (hulamak!) Luckily there is no way virus could penetrate my personal computer. Thanks to Jacky Chan and Lee Chong Wei for flying kick all the viruses. Kapersky always your smartest choice. Waiting my pen-drive to be cleaned up took 5 minutes of my golden time. The problem can be solved if all the computers in the computer lab are formatted and installed with Kapersky Anti-virus. That was one of the reasons I prefer not to use computer lab. You might ask why not in the classroom. By setting up projector in the classroom is possible only at night because there is no curtain in Year 1 classroom. So pupils cannot see clearly as their eyes are small plus the lighting.

By now, you know that I was teaching Year 1 pupils. Oh boy, is all girls! Looking at their cute faces, I could still recall some of their names. I wonder why they showed ‘peace’ sign when I snapped their photos. Who taught them that? Why not ‘nike’ sign? Overall the enrolment of Year 1 kids are 30 pupils. For my past 3 months teaching them, I never got full attendance. There must 3 to 5 girls absent everyday, either they were sick or didn’t finish my homework. They liked to be praised. They liked to go to toilet. Their moods can be changed all the time. I scold them today. They smile at me back tomorrow. They forget things easily. That’s why I need to keep reminding them. Reminiscing the challenges of using ICT in the classroom I guess was the time itself. The challenge surfaced was good to mould and exercise my passion. Of course there are many persons I would like to thank and grateful with, but one particular person now I want to thank is Mr. Raj (not Arvind Raj). He was my mentor and I could say he was very resourceful person. Through his guidance and comment, I can stand still to teach Year 1 kids.


About C.K. Aaron

Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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  1. hi aaron.. i do very much agree the part when u say that the condition of the PC in computer lab are frustrating to talk about. Again we are all talking about the same thing. The computers,LCD, and projectors are there but there are mostly unusable and always giving teachers problem when handling and thus always makes the teacher hesitate to use ICT in the classroom.

    • Thanks for dropping by. With Kapersky anti-virus installed in your PC, feel no hesitate to use ICT in the classroom. I am afraid future virus cant even be detected by any anti-virus.

  2. Having computer labs at school really helps, its just sometimes the seating arrangement can be troublesome, at least for me, dont you think?

    • Air-conditioning room some more!I agree with you that seating arrangement can be troublesome. The spinning chairs as you can watch from my video make my head spin as well.As for you(andaikan my pupil), you can sit teacher chair. Don’t worry, it is very stable.(make sure don’t ponteng my class)

  3. Hi Aaron! I like the way u narrate on your teaching experiences. Feel like I can sense the situation inside the classroom.
    By the way, i would love to see some pictures which u edited and that will make ur narration complete.
    About the distance of the computer lab, I also face the same problem. Maybe in most of the school they dont find the importance of ICT yet. It is just the matter of using it when necessary only or in ICT class only not as integration to other subject. That is my opinion. What do u think?
    Feel free to drop by here and leave comments! Cheerio!! [n_n]

    • Thanks for dropping by.I agree with your opinion.Wah, you got sixth sense can sense my situation inside the classroom?(Hebat!)If the distance very far,it is important to make earlier preparation as it takes a lot of time to make pupils settle down.You can talk with the teacher to let the pupils out earlier if he/she can tolerate with that.

  4. I think that you had put a lot of effort in implementing ICT to teach the students. You spend a lot of time to make the powerpoint presentation but its only being used for few minutes in the class. Of course, I am strongly agree with you,what matter is the students appreciate and enjoy the lesson. But, you said that it would took 15 minutes for you to take the students to the computer lab. So, I think that it would waste their precious time because we only have very limited time for every period.Maybe you can still take the students to the computer lab once a week and for the rest of the time they will stay in the class. Anyway, I think that you had done a great job in implementing ICT in the classroom. WELL DONE..

    • Thanks for dropping by. So as you had put in a lot of effort in your teaching practice.Yeah,that was why I did bringing them once a week.Having class in computer lab ate up a lot of my energy.

  5. hi aaron.. my question is.. how are you? hahaha by the way nice way of teaching.. good luck in the future

  6. Wow Aaron! Am I the first one here? I’m so very honored! Hahaha… I can see that during your teaching practice you have put in A LOT of effort! From snapping the picture to editing using Photoscape and ensuring it tallied with your kids’ level, you’re bound to make a good teacher in the future! Oh by the way, don’t they have an LCD projector in the school so that you can integrate ICT in your classroom, without having to bring them to the comp lab? And how’s the level of your Year 1 kids? It must be real challenging to teach such small children! Anything interesting incidents to share?

    • No worries. The train is waiting for you. You are my sixth passenger.(6 is my lucky number, honoured?)Thinking it back now, I actually didn’t put in A LOT of effort. If I were to prepare my lesson such a way everyday,I would burn out.In Year 1 classroom, there is no LCD projector plus it is inappropriate to set up also because of the ‘pancaran cahaya matahari'(No curtains in the classroom)The level? Mix-abilities. Very challenging! Which incidents you would like to hear? Up or down? Well, they can smile at you back tomorrow when you scold them today. I liked that!

  7. Wow, I really like your post especially when you use Photoscape in integrating with your teaching. Yes, sometime it gets annoyed to wait for the pupils to come to the computer lab because that is the only room that we can use ICT. We have to sacrifice some time only to use ICT in our teaching. But, it makes us satisfied when pupils enjoy our lesson and appreciate what we have done to them. Well done, Aaron!

    • Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, that’s why I wish got bathroom in the computer lab. I can take a hot bathe(fresh!)before starting my lesson. If you want to feel satisfied of what you’re doing, you got to really sacrifice!I agree.

  8. Hi Aaron, my school does not have a computer lab however it has a “Bilik PPSMI”. I have tried many of a time to seek approval to use the room but the teacher in charge will always sway away my intention. The room is just next to my year 3 classroom but I was told that the Guru Besar (GB) does not like the room to be utilized. I wonder why have such a room when no one can use it? Once I had the opportunity to take a peek into that room and to my horror, most of the science apparatuses are kept in this room. I often search for batteries, crocodile clip, and other science experimental apparatuses in the lab but of course I FAILED to find them as they are kept well-hidden in the Bilik PPSMI.

  9. hallo my friend!..haha..waa a video before the pupils entered the class eh..i wonder at what time you come to the class and preparing yourself..ermmm??..haha

    • Thanks for your comment bro! 30 minutes before the class started and I wish I could have more.(mandi dulu-ba!)Can you imagine without preparation? (bergegar badanku)

  10. hi aaron…hahaha…i really understand as i went thru the same thing of the kids asking “jom pergi bilik komputer”…oh they just love it right??did you mana ge to handle them?how was the kids during class??and how was their stories..i just love listening to their stories…

    • No my friend. I am not a superman. There was time I could not handle them well,because the story that I came up with not suited with their levels.It was very tiring experience for me teaching Year 1 pupils,but at the end of the lesson when you achieve the learning objective, you got this inner satisfaction which money cannot buy.

  11. a BIG clap from me Aaron!
    you’re cool teacher..
    admire your determination..

  12. Thanks Ismail for dropping by. You’re super cool teacher!

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