Wicked problem with my TPACK

TPACK indeed has become one of the wicked problems during my teaching practice. I hope that you will not repeat the same mistake that I considered my greatest teaching-learning experience whether you are trainee teachers or future educators. If I given a chance to mend this problem, I would use appropriate means at appropriate time in appropriate way. But I couldn’t mend this anymore. What Prof. Moses said during Future studies was somehow ringing in my mind as he quoted from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ‘And in today already walks tomorrow’. He further gave example by comparing two professions, doctor and teacher. Patient will feel immediate effect if the doctor carelessly diagnose the symptom and give the wrong medication. Same goes to teacher. The only different is teacher cannot see the consequences instantly. Let’s watch the video and try to understand yourself what is so fuss about TPACK as I learn this term from my course ICT in the ESL classroom. (11 weeks to go until hallelujah Open-mouthed smile)

This video (1st part) will explain to you what is TPACK, why TPACK, how TPACK in a very creative way. It consists of 5-part video (watch on YouTube) and it takes about 45 minutes. So I would advice you watch this with a cup of coffee and 5-6 hot dog buns.

The TPACK framework emphasizes the role of teachers as decision makers who design their own educational technology environments as needed.“Learning technical skills alone is not sufficient—learning how to integrate technologies into teaching is equally important.“- Mishra, Koehler, and Kereluik (2009) The TPACK framework helps educators reason about which technologies are worth learning; not to learn every technology and then figure out how to apply it. Instead, educators should be able to quickly evaluate new technologies in terms of how they will present content or facilitate pedagogy. Without much elaboration about TPACK, I would like to illustrate one of my wicked lesson plans which I consider teaching with technology is a wicked problem, and wicked problems require creative solutions. Therefore, teachers are designers of the Total PACKage! Before I illustrate, I didn’t realize that I implicitly include how C-k is being taught via P-k, and how T-k helps the P to make the pupils get C until I watched the video. The awakening of TPACK I could see it explicitly as I go through my wicked lesson plan once again.

The lesson happened on 11th of August. (1st time observation-lagitu) I would like to just talk about my presentation stage for this particular wicked lesson. During my presentation stage, I had come out with this wicked solution bringing only computer keyboard in the classroom. My rationale was to integrate technology in the classroom. What I did with the computer keyboard? I asked the pupils to pass it around and touch it, and feel it thinking that by doing that I could implicitly build a schema for them to understand technology. However, the whole idea was failed and disastrous. Imagine passing around the keyboard to all 30 kids? It was time consuming and at last I didn’t manage to complete my lesson according to what had written on the lesson plan. Did my technological help the pedagogical to make the pupils understand better? No. If I were given a chance to improve, I will randomly call the pupil to mimicly type the letter using keyboard and tell the whole class that they can look for the beautiful pictures by typing it out using the computer keyboard. Through that way, I would think that that is the proper solution to build schema about technology on them. Lesson you can learn here is don’t use technology for the sake of using technology without considering whether pupils would benefit from it. (gelabah-labah-ba first time observation) Would you like to know the creative solution that suggested by my supervisor? Don’t use it at all.

Bear in mind when you are teaching in class does not mean that you just use chalk-and-talk method, or never use technology at all due to technical problem. What I would like to emphasize here is to integrate technology, use appropriate means at appropriate time in appropriate way. I welcome any creative solution for my wicked problem if you’re reading this now. Lastly, I would like to end this entry with this earlier quotation, ‘And in today already walks tomorrow’.


About C.K. Aaron

Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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  1. Hi Aaron, wicked entry as expected from you.
    Anyway, the example given does not fully illustrate TPACK. It looks more of
    Ck-About the keyboard-tool
    Pk-Allowing the students to feel the tool
    It is only the combination of PCK. Judging from the brief lesson, PCK is suffice. Show another example where you need Tk to support Pk to get Ck across the students.

    • Thanks for the constructive comment. Miss sounded like Simon Cowell. Judging from my only brief presentation stage, it is true that you could see that my technology part was missing. In fact, I realized it myself it was a total failure and unnecessary when I finished my lesson with the kids. I shall keep in mind next time that whenever I use technology tool, it must be helping my pupils to learn, and not for the sake of technology. Shall I show you another example where I use Tk to support Pk to get Ck across the pupils? This was during closure part whereby I used guitar to sing along with kids followed by the movement (Kids liked it!) in order to build pupil’s pleasure in rhythm and sounds, indirectly help and reinforce them with their pronunciations. Sad to say, my learning objectives was unachievable. So Miss shall say wicked lesson, and not wicked entry.

      • I mention wicked entry as my definition of “wicked” is “competent” in reference how you wrote your entry. Anyway, the example of you using the guitar, yes, good job on utilizing the tool to make the students learn 🙂

  2. Hi aaron!
    Wow, you certainly did your reading and fully scrutinized the video given to us. Also, you really did pay full attention in Prof. Moses class…
    By the way, for me the lesson will actually be good if you try and incorporate technology in your classroom. If you had the chance to bring them to computer lab, maybe the students will be able to experience using the computer including the keyboard.
    Maybe later on if you want to teach something like this you may also bring the laptop and ask some of the students not all to try out and ask the students to explain to the class…
    It is just my suggestion ya for your ‘wicked’ problem. Maybe you have a better idea? For me, we need to be as creative as we can to solve the Wicked Problem. Don’t you think so? Looking forward for your critics on my lesson too for improvement..hehe..:p

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