FIFA- Football Is Freaking Awesome!

Picking a computer game and make a simple lesson from it is a bit challenging for me to do. All this while, I was playing and still playing this particular game for the sake of entertainment and temporary break from busyness of heavy workloads. The computer game that I play is Fifa08. Without a doubt, the name itself tells it all, is a football game. I have been playing this game for almost 5 years since my foundation. (lama addicted gila). How about playing football in real life? Sorry I am wearing spectacles. There was one time I watch football match at the mamak stall, I uttered this phrase, ‘What an ambitious effort!’ Walaowei that was the phrase I learnt from playing Fifa08!

I once asked one of my best friends how he actually every time could get tip-top performance in his English papers. He always answers me, ‘I just play PS2 games. Feel free to come to my house!’ I was flattered by his replied, but as time goes by through my observation to those friends playing computer games, I believe is in fact will somehow develop English literacy among kids in terms of vocabulary used. Fifa08 may sound complicated to some, but I like one of the features which is commentary. It made the game looks realistic. But when comes to dislike is to make a simple lesson from it. Anyway, after cracking my head, here is the best simple lesson that I can come out with by using Fifa08.

Let me assume that the computers in computer lab are all installed by Fifa08 game. My target pupils are upper primary kids. As for the learning objectives, I have come out with two as listed below:

1. Pupils shall be able to learn simple football terminology.

2. Pupils shall have sporting spirit by winning the game either on PC or on the field. GOAL.

I divide my simple lesson into three parts: BEFORE, DURING, AFTER 



For this stage, I would first play the demo video of Fifa08. I emphasize to my kids that they can learn English in a “football community”. Then I introduce them simple phrases like, ‘pass the ball, stop the ball, hold the ball, and kick the goal.’ Besides, I also teach them the difficult words that they might come across while playing the game.




For this stage I would call it individual hands-on activity whereby the pupils play the game by themselves. Before they start playing, I instruct them to have a pencil and a piece of paper. They need to jot down at least 3 remarks by the football commentator. For example, remark like, ‘Good defending’. Wearing an earphone, each of them will able to listen to what commentator say while playing the game. I believe through listening, indirectly they can slowly improve their spoken language.


Lastly, I would divide the class into 2 groups. I would be a referee. Pupils are to play real football game on the field. During the play, they need to use the football terminology learnt by saying out loud. For example, ‘Good defending’ and so on. My job as a referee is to jot it down and give marks to the pupils that use the football terminology correctly.

That’s the end of the simple lesson. Hope my pupils can one day represent Malaysia and win the next Suzuki cup. (Harimau boleh-ba!) Does anyone has Fifa 2011? I felt like Fifa08 a bit out-dated. I end this entry with a question. If you were the kid, do you enjoy my lesson? Take your time to answer. I go and play Fifa08 now.


About C.K. Aaron

Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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  1. why not you try Proevolutionsoccer..aka PES..
    hehe..can i quote..
    “Hope my pupils can one day represent Malaysia and win the next Suzuki cup. (Harimau boleh-ba!)”..heh3

    • Well my friend, I have played PES before, but I was quite disappointed with the commentator .When I scored an overhead ball, the commentator and the whole environment was very quite like in the jungle. It was different feeling when you play FIFA.If you score a goal, you could really experience the celebration.GGooooaaaallll…it was unbelievable!You see that? Pupils can really feel a sense of achievement!

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