E-book in the classroom

For better or worse, we are now in the age of the e-book. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the e-book as “an electronic version of a printed book,” First time I encountered e-book was I think it was few years back when I was sitting in front of ‘idiot box’ watching The Oprah Show, and they were talking about Kindle thingy. From that moment, I told myself one day I want to own one. With that gadget, I can store hundreds of book with it and also means that I can help to reduce carbon footprint. Could it be no bookstore in the future? I do believe that there are people will choose the old-school type.

Looking at the title of this entry, ‘E-book in the classroom?’, I hope you will not get confused with what I have mentioned earlier. The e-book that I am going to focus here is basically for primary school kids and to be used in the classroom. There are platforms like goanimate.com and storybird.com to help you to make an e-book, but I would like to choose PowerPoint Presentation as my platform to make an e-book. Follow me step by step and I will show you how do I make a brand new e-book using Microsoft PowerPoint so that it will appear captivating to the kids.

Step 1: Open Microsoft PowerPoint and brainstorm my storyline


First step is very vital and normally would crack my brain as I need to plan my storyline. Question I ask myself is, ‘What is the main purpose you’re creating an e-book?’ For assignment? For pleasure? For teaching? Without clear goal, you are like a hunter holding a gun without knowing what to shoot. As for me, I am creating this e-book because of three reasons I have stated.

Step 2: Looking for images on internet



By now, I have come out with my topic and storyline as well. My story is related to animals because children like animals. What I am going to do now is look for images on the internet. The image found later I have to copy and paste to the slide. Make sure you look for big size images so that children can see clearly and easily as their eyes are very small. Besides, try to look for brighter and colourful images because children will like it. Just look at below example, would kids stay focus if your image is small and even ants also hardly can see it?

Step 3: Leave some space on the image


For this step, I need to ensure that I leave some space to write my storyline in the slide. It is important to add content in your image so that children wont interpret the image wrongly. I need to make sure the font size of my content is clear and big as well, so that children can see it clearly when it is being projected on the wall.

Step 4: Make your e-book more student-centred

Student-centred requires children to be active, responsible participants in their own learning.To make my e-book student-centred means to make my story more interactive. What can I do in my e-book is to add a question on top of my illustration, so that children can guess and interact among themselves rather than just reading the story. Lev Vygotsky, a theorist from school of interactionism stated that language develops entirely from social interaction. Therefore, it is good to make them interact especially during English lessons.

Final step: Secure a copyright on my e-book production

the end

For the final step, I have added a copyright phrase in order to secure my e-book production. By putting a copyright, you also tell people that your presentation is not for commercial use. So what I have added is “ © 2011 The design of this presentation was created explicitly for academic purposes only.” on the bottom of my last slide.

Here is the brief story of my e-book:

A bear, a lion and a pig are three best friends.They like to compare with each other strengths and weaknesses.In the last meeting, they compared about the size. They plan for another meeting.This time around, they want to compare the power of roaring. A bear, a lion and a pig meet again.

Bear says: “If I roar in the forest, the entire forest is shivering with fear.”

Lion says: “If I roar in the jungle, the entire jungle is afraid of me.”

Pig says: “Big deal…. I only have to cough, and the entire planet lives in fear.

At the end of the story, teacher can instill the moral value of the story to the class ,’Don’t compare yourself to others, if not you will not discover your own strengths.’ So what do you think about my story? I end this entry by sharing this photo which I snapped from neighbouring county. The photo shows animals living harmoniously (aman,damai,dan sentosa-bah) without fighting each other. If animals can do it, so can human beings. Hence, I vote for peace.

Living in harmony


About C.K. Aaron

Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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  1. Hi Aaron. I always have fun reading your blog..So entertaining! Children’s eyes are very small? Hahaha…
    It’s good that before you start developing your ebook, you actually spend some time thinking the goal of your ebook. Many of us (especially me) tend to overlook this and blindly start off with the first page without thinking the purpose behind it (doing for the sake of doing..)
    By the way, I’m just wondering, how did you insert the background? I notice that the background looks a bit weird after you enlarged it. Perhaps you can drag both sides of it so that it doesn’t look so “expanded”? Errr…hope you get what I mean…Haha..
    Anyway, good job, I’m really impressed with your ebook and how you make it interactive.. 🙂

    • Thank you Bee Guat for your remarks. I think if you’re doing for the sake of doing meaning that you’re doing for pleasure. So when you hold a gun, at least you know what to shoot though. I used default background for my e-book. I guess it could be the quality of the image caused the ‘blurry’ look for the slide. I will take note on that next time.

  2. hahaaa..aaroon..me like your ‘moral of the story bah’ 😛 very creative idea you have there..just would like to ask you..do you think e-books are practical in the Malaysian classroom? what would you do if there is no ICT in your school? 🙂 looking forward to your reply…

    • Thanks Sis Faustina (ahem…) for your two ‘futuristic’ types of question. Let me answer your both questions in two perspectives. Ready? E-book not really practical in the Malaysian classroom, but can be practical in the Malaysian school. So in school what can you do is to create a very interesting e-books and to be put in every computers. I doubt pupils will read it rather they prefer to open their Facebook account and steal crops (Farmville). For your second question, I am very optimistic that by the time I come out to teach, all the schools would be equipped with ICT. If the school don’t have ICT, something very wrong in our Malaysian education system.

  3. priyatharisini

    Hi aaron..a very impressive entry!well done..i could see your effort in analyzing your strategies and taking into consideration of the essential aspects in order to create a ‘brand new e-book’ which is interactive, appealing and practical.I like the part where you instilled moral values in your story by showing them pertinent pictures of animals living harmoniosly that suits your story well..haha..and your moral value is quite evocative too “If animals can do it, so can human beings. Hence, I vote for peace”..BY the way, i just want to know ..will you add sound effects in your e-book? do you think its sound effects are essential for an e-book?

    • Thank you Priyatharisini for dropping by. Let’s vote for peace then. To answer your question, I will not add sound effects in my e-book, so it is not very essential element for an e-book. My reason is not to defeat the purpose of e-book itself. I just felt that by putting sound effects, it will cause distraction to the readers. Simple and interactive will do!

  4. good job.
    a very nice improvisation.
    there are vast differences.
    however there’re still rooms for improvements.

    have a look at mine http://isaacismael20.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/ebook_who-goes-moo/

    • Thanks bro for your comment. The hardest part for us maybe how we are going to cultivate reading habits to the kids. Don’t you think so?

  5. there are various ways to make children read..you can find out tru books, internet and many more

  6. Good post! My thoughts are the same as BeeGuat’s. Maybe you shouldn’t stretch your pictures too much hahaha or else they’ll be unreadable.. :))

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