Mr. Gomez’s Last Lecture


Now for you, it is all coming to a close,

Ending of an unique phase of your lives,

With new beginnings just round the corner,

Teachers! Cohort Four! Freshly minted!

Energetic, eager young teachers of English,

Awaiting eagerly your first postings, first salaries too,

Conscious of high expectations, graduates in primary schools,

Hearing the loud call to make a difference.

English teaching will indeed be challenging,

Raising standards demands professionalism, and

Sustained commitment to caring, respecting, responding and knowing.


I have been there.

I too, was once a new teacher.

So I wish you, Cohort 4, from the bottom of my heart,

The very, very best that life can offer you.

By Antony Gomez

The above is a poem and note from Mr. Gomez to Cohort 4. I also like one of his particular lectures especially on becoming a language educator.This lecture answered my question pretty well. In the beginning of the class, he asked all of us to ask him questions and expectation of the course. If I have not mistaken, one of my questions is ‘How do you sustain the passion of teaching?’ In the blink of an eye, today is his last lecture. This is the best ever class that I experienced throughout my journey of 6 years training. Mr. Gomez is not only a language educator, but also a superman. Thank you for your wisdom. May God bless you.

Lecture: Becoming a language educator

Becoming a language educator is a choice of career that requires you to be a lover. The career of an educator is a human embedded calling.


a)A teacher who concentrates on the content without being concerned with the human environment is an instructor.

b)A teacher who is aware that he is concerned with person through the subject is an educator.


Becoming a language educator require acquisition of values. “Values are hard to teach, they have to be caught.” In this course, these values are presented through poems, stories, films, and other writings.

3.The Materials

(i)Student Masterpieces

(ii)Sandra Enos article: The importance of relationship and the character of the teacher.

(iii)Film: Freedom writers

(iv)Poems: “ I liked To Ask The Questions” and“Memories of My First Day”

(v)Narrative: “We are the Retards”

(vi)Poem: Unloved stories: A poem for Two Voices

(vii)Song: Children Learn What They Live

(viii)What is dialogue? Creating meaning together

(ix)Short story: The Teacher (Powerful story)

(x)The good listener/ the bad listener/Listening test

4.All these can be summed up through Erich Fromm’s (Psychologist) analysis of love in his book, ‘Art of loving’

What is his basic premise? What is love? 4 closely interrelated qualities.

a)Care: The capacity to protect, provide, and nurture

Mostly unconditional acts of assistance to those who are in no position to defend for themselves. The ideal carers: Parents

b)Caring must go together with Respect. Lack of Respect leads to prejudice. Prejudice can be defined as seeing differences in others as weakness which is sign of security.

Types of prejudice:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Ageism (two types) –Old people is useless. Young people is inexperienced
  • Classism –status consciousness

c)Responsiveness – The capacity to respond (nodding) appropriately during interaction. You can be over helpful- giving solutions too quickly.

d)Knowledge- Our knowledge of each other is constantly changing as we and other change or is responsive to the situations and roles we find ourselves in. Who am I is the result of person you met.


Teacher burnout. How to avoid? LOVE. The need to grow as a teacher.Three growth interests:

a)Knowledge of Subject

b)Knowledge of Matters

c)Knowledge of Students.


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