Final Semester , Final Ramblings, Bye bye!

Times flies. Only when the train is almost reaching to the destination, then somehow we learn how to appreciate and cherish the moment. If you are given a chance, do you wish to go back foundation years and study all over again? I asked myself. Enough. I am exhausted. I don’t want to study anymore. Do you? Saying that I don’t want to study anymore do not imply that I will stop learning. Some of my ex-classmates even ask me: ‘You come out and become headmaster is it?’ 6 years. Oh boy, that is very long period. Some of them even get married. I guess by the time I come out to work, they already have grandsons or granddaughters. (Exaggerating) As for me, pretty princess need to pay very high price.

Getting selected to study TESL course is a calling. Becoming an educator is a calling. The job of a teacher is very challenging. I ask some of my friends, ‘Do you still want to further studies in master or perhaps PhD.?’ Those say YES really inspired me. As for me for the time being, I can only tell you that, ‘I will be a teacher forever’. I remember my ex-primary school teacher told me, ‘Once a teacher, forever a teacher’. The future is yet unknown. What qualities should the teacher of English in future possess? Do I have these qualities? What can I do about it? Those questions are very good questions to reflect on every day. My pronunciation is quite sucks. I remembered I pronounced Mosque as ‘Most queue’ during my foundation years for Language Description course. Every moment I still keep learning. I am a slow walker, but I will never walk backward in improving my language.

Coming from Chinese background, I don’t really expose to English language until I make a first step to Teacher’s Training College. Enid Blyton books? I only knew it when Miss Grace taught me this course, ‘Teaching Reading in ESL classroom. There are many ways I try to improve my English- speaking, writing, reading, listening, eating, drinking, dancing, singing, sleeping, and yada yada yada.  Not for the purpose to make English language looks superior to others. It’s all about three questions that I asked earlier. As I drunk in the realm of improving my proficiency, my national language gets deteriorated slowly. I believe this problem can be restored through practicing the language frequently. Studying TESL make me realized that English is very important. Through reading materials in English, I get an opportunity to know new information that I have not known before. Slowly I realized that English is already embedded in me.

With regards to the final semester, I look at it this way, is a form of reinforcement. ICT in ESL classroom? I thought is the same just like Technology in ESL classroom? I see it as a form of reinforcement. WordPress? I thought is just like Windows Live Space? I see it as a form of reinforcement. Final semester? I perceive it as positive reinforcements of pedagogy, methodology, belief, and so on. The root of blogging actually comes from keeping a diary. Diary is a very personal and not meant to be shared. Somehow, I remember one of my childhood friends told me keeping a diary is more towards feminine. If you are thinking like this friend of mine, you have to work on casting out your prejudice towards sexism. However, when a personal thingy like ‘diary’ made into assessment, it somehow defeats the authenticity of the blogging itself. Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Miss. Ng and Miss Marsyitah for imparting the knowledge of ICT, and not to forget to all my friends who take time to read and make comments. I see this as a platform for me to hook up on my writing skill. Most importantly, the most valuable lessons I can bring back for going through 6 years moulding and training are get hooked on reading, get hooked on writing, and learn how to reflect.

Could it be my last entry for Affirmative. Reason is let say  I have a Ferrari car, out of a blue  I get caught up in traffic jam, so I am not able to maximize my fastest car performance. Perhaps thinking to open new advent of WordPress that no one knows, and journaling my process of learning. Only infinitely deity listens to my reflection. That’s matter. That’s enough.  It is pretty amazing to write your heart out to God, then go back later and see how God met you in the midst of your questions, needs and hopes. Just like how people snap photos for keeping the greatest memories. We forget things easily, one of the human weaknesses, that’s why behaviorism is mother of all learning theories. Last but not least, TSE BEH TLLA (Read backward) to Cohort 4 brothers and sisters in your future. Keep in touch on ‘ mukabuku ’ Oh boy…I shall consider to open one soon. I end my final post with two music videos. The first music video is ‘Graduation’ and the second music video is  ‘分享’ pronounced as fen xiang. It means sharing. Adios.


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Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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