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Off to Bible Knowledge Course

Holy Bible

‘Not every bad thing is caused by Him but He will use circumstances in your life, your relationship with your loved ones, your good friends, your family and many other situations and anyone to bring you down. He likes it when you get angry and when you hate somebody.

That is why we must be alert and have good bible knowledge. Words in the bible are Word of God and it is also the weapon for us to fight against the devil and his works. The word of God is the sword and our strong faith is the shield that protects us from the enemy arrows. Then we are able to fight against our enemy’

The extract above I taken from this book entitled, ‘Transformation journey with God’ by Penny Chok could be Holy Spirit is telling my conscience that my decision to take one week Bible Knowledge course starting this evening is wise. Do human beings have bad conscience as well? With that, I am off virtually for a week. It would be a great idea to disconnect from internet in order to avoid info-overload syndrome whatever you call it. Anyways, I need to put more trust in Almighty God as I felt doubtful at some points of my thinking. In the darkest moment, I believe He is here to hold my hands as I don’t know my own strength.

I would like to do one more thing before I off, which is to send an email to this ‘guardian angel’ to ask for his weekly blogs address as He has written a piece of great article, ‘On photographs and movies’. I end this entry by quoting his ‘phrases of wisdom’.

‘Photographs give a chance to pause, ponder or ‘taste’ various aspects of our Faith so that we may live them more fully. They can confuse as well as reveal. To answer that, you need a movie, not just photography.’


Putting on the Full Armour of God


Dear Father, I stand before you now in response to Your call to carry on the fight and claim the victory that Your Son has won for us on the cross. Thank you for each piece of armour that you are now giving me that I may be fully armed and protected for the battle.

You put on me the belt of truth. As You buckle this belt around my waist I commit to live in the truth that You love me with a love so great that You have given Your beloved Son to die on the cross to save me. I will live trusting in the truth that He has won the victory against the Evil one and I share in this victory.

You place over my heart the breastplate of righteousness. I ask that you hold my heart in your hands and that You keep it pure, that I may walk and live according to what is right, striving to follow your will in everything.

You shod my feet with the shoes of the gospel of peace. May your Word be a light for my feet, so that my every step will keep me on the path you have set for me. May I walk toward to bring Your Word to others and as I do may I bring Your peace to them.

You hand me the shield of faith. As I hold it firmly in my hand, in faith I will trust that You will defend me against evil around me and in every circumstance of my life. Having faith in Your infinite power and love for me, I have no fear as I go out and face the enemy.

You put on my head the helmet of salvation. Take control of my mind. Take captive every thought and make it obedient to You that I may be saved from sin. You alone are my Saviour. Rescue me and deliver me from the evil one.

Finally, You give me the sword of the Spirit, the powerful Word of God. As I hold it up, I pray for a constant awareness of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in me. I commit to study Your Word and by the spirit’s guidance to faithfully live it out.

Dear Father, thank You for clothing me with Your full amour- CHRIST. Clothe me at all times with Christ. He is my TRUTH, my RIGHTEOUSNESS, and my PEACE. He is my SAVIOUR. He is the source of my FAITH. He Himself is the living WORD. Today I accept Him as my full armour and go into battle with courage, confident of victory, as I pray in the Holy Spirit. Amen.