Back to school!

Back to school!

I nearly got enrol to Aviation maintenance college. By God’s soft prompting, I’d gone through 6 years training and moulding as an educator. After nearly long wait for almost half a year or I prefer say that I have waited for my posting school for about a year since I have graduated in 2011 and now is 2012 already, it’s finally OUT. Where do you get your posting? That’s the pertinent question that most people in my hometown will ask rather than ‘How are you today?’ It’s the sign that the world is interested looking more towards the result rather than the process of achieving any dream.

So that day came. Before I’ve got the news about my posting, I would like to tell that I have the dream or heart to venture place as far as possible from my comfort zone. However, my sixth sense is also telling me that I will get this school. While I taking my siesta, I had a dream. I dreamt that my sister is pulling my both legs strongly. I cannot run away neither I escape! Out of a blue I woke up from this dream. If it’s not bitten from this hardworking ant, I guess would keep dreaming. Mum stood in front of me. You’ve got posted to SJK (c) Yuk Hwa, Tenom! My heart: ‘Praise the Lord!’ I am sure that this is God’s will for me. I am sure of that! Praise the Lord! My prayer all this while was, ‘God, post me this school that have got internet connection (resources for kids) and water. That’s all! It’s your will and not my will. Amen.

SJK (c) Yuk Hwa

Hooray, tomorrow going to report my duty and it happens that my sister also teaching the same school. I felt so energetic and excited to teach at the moment. My next question:’ Would I sustain this passion?’ Hopefully. Then I googled online for fun this location of the school even though I know the location since I have been experience teaching for 5 days as substitute teacher there. Sigh, no record at all on Google maps. Then I looked for fun on Wikipedia, it stated that no history and achievements so far been made from this school. I also found out the only picture of that school. Here I come! From Kindergarten to University and now back to school again. That’s why! You not study hard enough (joking from my friend)Haha…

Here I come! I end this entry by sharing this God’s message for me: I have a great plan for your life. I want to pour greatness in you. But I cannot put great things into a small mind. When your mind is small, you cannot think great things. Live every day as if it were your last. Do every job as if you were the boss. Drive as if all other vehicles were police cars. Treat everybody else as if he were you. Love God serve Him and men and enjoy your day! Time to working. Time to earn $$$. Time to discernment.


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Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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