False Love found in Loneliness


My friend recently shared his conversation to me and I thought this great conversation is worth to share and reflect upon especially when the right time comes for me to make a life-long commitment of choice. The path can seem painfully obscure and the destination out of reach. It will never be an easy, but this real ‘princess’ is definitely worth to wait. All I have to do now is using BLT method which are: Believe God loves you, Listen to the Spirit, Respond in trust

I would like to put a letter ‘N’ (non-believer) as his friend whereas a letter ‘B’ (believer) as a friend of mine. Enjoy this conversation as below:

I meet an old friend to have a drink, and he popped up this question,

N: Hey, it has been almost 2 years.
B: What?
N: You broke off.
B: Why?
N: Why haven’t you found a girlfriend?
B: Why rush?
N: Wouldn’t you feel lonely?
B: Not really, and why must I go to look for a girlfriend just because I’m alone?
N: That is called life! Don’t you feel lonely?
B: Then tell me why do you find a girlfriend?
N: I’m very scared to be alone, that’s no way for me to be alone.
B: Are you ready to sacrifice everything in order not to be alone?
N: Oh yeah, I will.
B: Do you love her?
N: Yes, I am.
B: If a year after married and she dies, what would you do?
N: Ermm… choi!! (choi here means the curse of bad luck)
B: hahaha ….. What if it happened?
N: I will go to look for another one.
B: Okay, that’s so sad to hear.
N: Why?
B: Why do you need to find another one?
N: I said earlier I couldn’t stand to stay alone in my life.
B: That’s not love. That is called selfish.
N: No way, I love her
B: Then love her forever
N: But then who is going to accompany me?
B: Her.She’s the only!
N: You are crazy.

B: smiling

N: …………(speechless)
B: When you feel alone and wishing someone to love you.. That’s selfish. Because you only think about you own. When her love couldn’t fill you, you look for another one just to fill in the loneliness. Do you think fair towards her? It means all the while your love only based on your own “loneliness”…. What else?
N: …………(speechless)
B: True love is giving, not taking.
N: But…. if you have got married, the girl also have to give it all to  you what!
B: True!! But when you have children, your wife will spend more times with kids than you, then what would you do?
N: …………(speechless)
B: Would you continue to love her even though she don’t have time for you at all?
N: …………(speechless)
B: Love her not because you are lonely, but love her like how God loves you.

N: …………(speechless)

I would like to end my entry with the following music video. The title of the video is ‘Love Me for a Reason’ by The Osmonds. Ironically, believe it or not God doesn’t need your reasons to love him. Though you don’t love Him, He will always be there for you.

He loved me first, so how could I not fall in love with Him?


About C.K. Aaron

Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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