English UPSR Workshop (PART 1)


I could not believe that I have been teaching for half a year now. I am still alive teaching and learning full with passion. I am also looking forward to two glorious weeks of school holidays. I long for this break so that I have time to reflect my teaching. I long for this break so that I have time for reading. I long for this break so that I have time to voice out my dissatisfaction as well as my blessings. So many things in my head I would like to share about especially my works in school. Thanks be to God for He has been good to me all the time. His grace truly is sufficient for me to cope with the challenges in workplace. I’ve received the news that my first paycheck has already banked in to my account. Praise the Lord. I have waited this moment for about 5 months. How could I still working happily though I have not got my salary for about 5 months? (wondering) I see this happening to me in different perspective. Perhaps God is testing my desires? Yeah, I don’t desire for money in this life. Money does not bring happiness in my life. Then I ask myself a deep question, ‘What then will bring me to happiness?’ COMMUNION WITH GOD. I think about this ultimate goal everytime I ask the question about what truly makes me happy. Now I long for a break so that I can pray. Failed. We don’t pray only when we have a break! Due to hectic life, my prayer life goes very dry. I long for His presence. I long for time that I can dialogue with Almighty. Most importantly, I long for this holiday so that I can be still, be still in prayer and communicate with Him.

Now I am really into the topic of this entry. What would you do if you are assigned to give free tuition for 4 hours to Year 6 target pupils in school during holiday? Complaint no more. I have got to turn this into positive thinking from a negative one. Didn’t I tell you that I long for a break? How could you give 4 hours tuition as pupils’ attention span nowadays are getting shorter? So I would rather call it, ‘English Fun Learning UPSR Workshop’. I hope all the 12 target pupils will attend this workshop as I have planned it 3 weeks ago. Basically I have planned variety of activities such as ‘Oh My English’, running dictation, reading a poem, story, song, Word Search, and not to forget photocopying trial exams for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. I want to make sure that this workshop is not going to make the pupils fall asleep. I want to make sure pupils will have fun learning the language besides preparing them for the exam. I want to eliminate in their minds that getting an A is not vital for the exam. Not only I teach, but also I educate. They first need to ask themselves, ‘What have I learned?’ rather than ‘How many A I will score in my exam?’ I have done my best to crack my head and bones for this workshop which will be held on this coming 4th of June. I just hope and pray that everything runs smoothly according to what I plan. Headmistress has also listened to my ideas and given me a green light to bring my personal camera to snap all the activities on that day for my personal documentation and reflection. What is lacking now is which activities I shall put first. Set induction? Presentation? Practice? Production? Closure? From planning stage to implementation stage of this workshop,I somehow imagine myself as a ‘spiritual director’ in the realm of Education giving a retreat to participants. Funny as it sounds, I am so grateful that I am pretty ALIVE (passion to teach) in my career for the past 5 months. I am learning to see God in everything especially my vocation as an educator. I know He is watching over me. He is my source of strength. He is my source of wisdom. Once again, praise the Lord!


About C.K. Aaron

Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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