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Roman 12:9

John Paul II Be Not Afraid

Let love be without any pretence. Avoid what is evil; stick to what is good.



English UPSR Workshop (PART 2)

It was a successful workshop which was held almost 3 months ago. When all the planning and activities planted in my head and seeing them unfolded one-by-one, that’s what I call a sense of accomplishment. I could feel a deep sense of joy and what’s more when there was a pupil wrote in her free topic composition about how fun this workshop was to her. That’s what I want to achieve. I am not concerning on marks first. My main objective was to instil them that learning language is fun.  Recently, I heard a newspaper report on certain individual involvement in buying fake degrees. How could someone on earth doing such thing? Does h/she happy with that accomplishment deep down from his/her hearts? A lie is a lie and I will not respect someone who has chosen to purchase fake degrees.

Back to the workshop, due to time constraints, some of the activities had been cancelled. I learnt how importance planning was. I also learnt that when your activities were fun, you would experience running out of time instead of complaining time allocated was too long. However, I strongly disagree that the pupils should be given 4 hours long tuition for only one subject. It would be rationale and wise if pupils are  having 2 subjects in between 2 hours gap. It was tiring to me and the pupils themselves if this is to be done everyday. It is possible thing to do and I have experienced it all by myself giving 4 hours tuition for ONLY one subject, but my conclusion is the time duration is too long and shall be shortened to only 2 hours! Anyway, the workshop was indeed successful and enjoyable. Let the photos below tell the stories on that day:

Listing down the activities for the pupils

 Pupils are doing Word Search


Running dictation


Pupils are watching ‘On My English’


Trying to act it out one of the scenes, ‘Chop my letter!’


‘Oh My English!’ correcting the mistakes


 Finally, pupils have fun plus stress-free taking mock exams.