Teaching: The rewards & negative aspects

The rewards

· You are your own boss- to a large extent you teach what you want.

· You are working with the subject that you enjoy, day after day.

· There is good job security and pay rises are automatic.

· The job is as creative as you want to make it.

· The job is as big as you want to make it.

· You can make a real difference to your children.

· You can form lasting relationships with students and staff.

· If you are good, your children will always remember you.

· There is excellent variety from day to day.

· You can gain valuable experience of a variety of jobs and situations.

· The actual school day is very short.

· It is a good job to combine with having a family.

· The teachers’ pension is a good perk.

· The holidays really are very good indeed- this is a big perk. (If you’re not convinced about this, just ask any office worker who only gets 20 days annual leave!)

The negative aspects

· The job is physically and emotionally tiring.

· The job expands to meet the extend of your dedication.

· You will encounter difficult and even disturbed children (and parents).

· You may put at risk of injury from these students.

· The nature of the job can lead to cynicism.

· The salary will never be brilliant and only rises very slowly.

· You friends in other professions will rapidly start earning (a lot) more.

· There is a lack of genuine promotion prospects for many teachers.

· Ironically, experienced teachers become too expensive for some schools.

· You will often have to work late, in your own time, to do a good job.

· You may be too tired to appreciate those lovely long holidays.

(Extracted from the book, ‘How to survive your first year in teaching’, by Sue Cowley)

P.S: Thanks for lending me the book Ms. Philippa. Proudly to say that I survived my first year in teaching. Hurray! Praise the Lord.


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