But as it is, God placed the parts, each one of them, in the body as he intended. -1 Corinthians 12:18

Do you know that the smallest bone in the body is no bigger than a grain of rice? It’s called the stapes and it’s one of the three tiny bones in the middle ear. It’s so tiny, almost insignificant in size, but if anything happens to it, we lose ability to hear clearly.

Sometimes we can also feel insignificant compared to those who have more important roles. Or maybe, if we’re on the other end of the pendulum, we may feel that we are more indispensable than other people.

Each one of us has specific roles to play that are equally important in the grand scheme of life. Jesus was anointed by God for a special purpose. Although He was born in a stable and worked as a carpenter, who would have imagined that He was destined to be the Savoir of mankind?

All of us have appointed parts to play in God’s beautiful tapestry of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re onstage to be seen by all or at the backstage hidden from men’s eyes. What’s more important is- Are you doing what you were anointed to do?

Reflection: If you were called to play the part of Romeo and you instead memorized Juliet’s lines, do you think the play will still turn out well?

Lord, use me, mould me, lead me, guide me- but first, please help me hear Your instructions correctly.

Credits to: Ronna Ledesma



About C.K. Aaron

Engineer of human souls or I'd rather be called a lifelong-learner. I am Phleg-Mel. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito.I feel content with a good book and a cup of coffee.

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