Who am I?

Walking step by step (picture taken by Peter Lee)


I feel old, but not very wise. You better know yourself well before knowing me. I like to listen, rather than to speak. I like to read, rather than to write. Docendo disco, scribendo cogito. (I learn by teaching, think by writing) Right now I am still developing myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially to the utmost level. If I were given a chance to choose my life, I would prefer to live in simplicity. The world is so hard to live in nowadays due to advancement in ICT. A fancy house does not make a happy home. Less is more. Isn’t it the beginning of true happiness?

Here is my spot to write! I’m not writing to impress everyone. When words spinning in my head, I just have to vomit-it-out! Learning to improve myself everyday. Life is only a journey, not a destination. Practice makes me not prefect. Nobody is perfect! I find joy reading good books. Music is my BOOST. Loves to eat and yearning to cook good foods. Gossip is not embedded in my dictionary. World is just wonderful to live in. I think in a simplest but extraordinary way and I don’t know how to ’spell’ fashion. I know what is MUST and NECESSARY. Most importantly, infinitely Father is always watching me every moment. So, I won’t be afraid! I don’t need many friends because Jesus is my greatest friend. Happy reading! God loves you all ^_^


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