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Guten Tag!

Testing power 123…Heard my voice?321 testing power. How and what shall I start with? First time using Windows Live Writer. Through this platform, I can write and edit my post offline then publish it online like what you’re reading now. WORDPRESS is better than BLOGSPOT? I thought is just the same for ‘attention seekers’ to express their feelings virtually? Disagree? I was trying to add my personal lame friendster blog to Windows Live Writer, but got problem with the blog server. Never mind then.

Salam 1 Malaysia and Happy Rabbit Year to all of you. Rabbit is clever and talented, but lazy and like to hide. May 2011 be just the way it’s supposed to be. Previous semester I have blog on Technology, and now another blog for ICT? I just feel like what I am doing now is similar to the previous course on Technology. But I realized that my amount of foods today not like what I ate yesterday. So I am looking forward to dig more what this course has offered or shaped me. Let’s teach and learn from one another.

To be honest, I feel demotivated right now. I feel like just want to go out there, to the world and earn money now instead of studying for final semester. I am gearing up slowly. Very slow. Wake me up. I need you to knock my shell. I will take it easy for this semester. I am still thinking hard what to choose for my elective course. German? Unless I crush into a girl from Deutschland. I attended German class for the first time to testing 123. Half of the battle is won because I know how to say Ich liebe dich. (I love you). Research on childhood? Theories again, not practical. or Media dan Politik? I can practise my Bahasa and learn something new. What a final! SOS. Whatever my choices of elective, I am going to take full responsibility on it. Guide me Lord.

I end this first entry by quoting what Dr. Antony Gomez has said and make my eyes popped out during the second class. He prefers people to call him Mr. Gomez and he teaches me Issues in ESL classroom.

“Have you hated a subject just because you hate that teacher?”

By the way, mein name ist Aaron Lee and this is

Guten Morgen!