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Improvement? There’s always room!

improvement ahead

I believe there is always room for improvement as I would like to share as below suggestions to teachers as well as suggestions to candidates based on the analysis of quality of answers in the UPSR exams particularly for English papers.


1. Learn to write neatly, clearly and legibly.

2. Do lots of exercises on the different aspects of grammar in order to have a better understanding of the different functions of grammar rules.

3. Use more English in everyday activities both in written and spoken form to improve language proficiency and confidence.

4. Read materials in English intensively and extensively in order to have more exposures in a variety of English forms and structures.

5. Always make a practice to ask when in doubt and use the dictionary to widen your vocabulary.

6. Study and understand the words given before you construct simple and compound sentences.

7. Study all the information and details given in the text carefully before transferring them. Practice as many exercises as possible to familiarise with the task.

8. Mind map or brain storm before answering Section C. Use WH (What, Who, Where, When, Why, How) questions to help you elaborate your ideas. Add in as many new words according to the picture and notes given.

9. Pay attention in class.

10. Revise your lessons regularly and complete the homework given by the teacher.

11. Watch English programs on television, example documentaries, news and children‟s educational series.

12. Always jot down the new words that you come across when you are reading or when you hear people talking.


1. Teach all the skills listed in the syllabus.

2. List all the grammatical items that should be taught and make sure students master them.

3. Motivate students to use the language in their everyday activities.

4. Teach simple sentences and ensure they master them before proceeding to compound.

5. Equip students with suggested vocabulary listed in the syllabus.

6. Create meaningful English environment inside and outside the classroom.

7. Give the students more practices in spelling and dictation.

8. Bear in mind that creative and critical thinking skills are to be emphasized in exercises and practices given to students.

9. Be a good role model and have a close rapport with your students.

10. Cultivate a love for the language by adopting and adapting a variety of teaching methods and strategies. This will avoid students from the notion that English is a boring and difficult subject.

11. Teach English as a language and not as a tool to answer examination questions.

12. Avoid drilling stereotyped sentence patterns. Students should not be made to memorise words, phrases and sentences. Let them flourish in the language by themselves even by using simple English.

13. Upgrade own proficiency by using the language yourself.

14. Have model writings for the average and slow learners as a guide.

15. Avoid drilling stereotyped sentence patterns.

16. Provide more samples of UPSR format questions and drill the students.

17. Stress and train students to read and follow rubrics and instructions carefully.

18. Teach or encourage students to use adjectives, adverbs, idiomatic expressions, proverbs and similes in a variety of sentence structures.

19. Help pupils gain confidence in the learning of English through games, quizzes, spelling competitions, role-plays, songs and jazz chants and thus making learning English fun.

20. Enjoy teaching the subject.


Turning My Complaints Into Positive

A very good afternoon to our chairman, honourable judges, teachers and my fellow friends. Allow me to share with you this afternoon with my speech entitled ‘Turning my complaints into positive’.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I dislike getting up early in the morning to go to school. It is not that I hate school. I dislike having a drag myself out of bed when it is still dark outside and when my eyes refuse to open. If only school would not have to get up early, I would not have to wait my turn to use the bathroom. However the moment I hit the morning air on my way to school, my whole outlook changes. Ah, the cool air is refreshing. School is wonderful with all my friends and surroundings.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As I said before, school is wonderful. However its wonderfulness is often reduced by the hardworking teachers who load me with homework. So when I reach home in the afternoon I have to slog for hours before I get through all the homework. Who can blame me for not doing them well? As the saying goes “all works and no play make Jack a dull boy”, the teachers should consider that I have other more enjoyable things to do. Life should not revolve around homework only.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Come weekends, it is lovely to sleep late without worrying about getting to school on time. The joy of lying in bed listening to the activities of living things going about their business is particular pleasant. I just close my eyes and do nothing. Sooner or later my mother would make me get up. It is time for the weekly house-cleaning. I would have to wash the front porch and do other chores. I wonder why I repeat the same chores every week. How much difference will a little neglect make? Precious little, I suppose. Nevertheless, kids do not have power and we have to listen to the grown-ups. So, much as I dislike these weekly chores, I have to do them.

Ladies and gentlemen,

There are other distasteful things that I would share with you, but I want to make a choice to stop all my complaints at this moment. This is because I want to be happy and I believe that you and I are designed for happiness. Well then, can we be happy? Absolutely. We will be happy if we see happiness as a choice and a state in life. It is a choice because we choose our thoughts. The way we think and look at life determines the way we feel. When we remember something wonderful, we are happy. When we think of something terrible, we become sad. We have both, positive and negative experiences in our lives. What we look at gets bigger and bigger in our minds. It is a state and not a passing emotion. A happy person is more than just having happy feelings. It is unrealistic to say that we are a happy person only when we are on an emotional high. Happy people live happy ways such as there are lots of smiles, optimistic, willing to help, just to name a few. Normally, others are glad to be around them.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Life comes with unpleasant experiences for everyone but a happy person will always find a way back to happiness. We have all that we need today to be happy. We do not need to wait until we are the best. Happiness is truly an inside job. It depends on what you look at, what you believe in and your lifestyle. What will you choose? Thank you.

Get Me Off This Roller Coaster!

Jesus at work

To get off the roller coaster of excessive commitments and put God in the driver’s seat, here are a few things to consider:

1. Put God first. If you can trust God with your very life and eternal salvation, you certainly trust Him with your career. Prioritize your life to serve God first, and make your work an act of service to Him along with a way of serving others.

2. Maintain spiritual practices when you’re busy.History is full of examples of extremely busy people who pray constantly and build other pious practices into their daily routine. The ultimate example is Jesus Himself, who, during His public ministry, frequently withdrew to spend time in prayer. You’re not busier than Jesus, are you?

3. Read Scripture regularly to maintain perspective.Isn’t it amazing how the Scriptures are constantly new and applicable? Sometimes when we’re most troubled by things at work, reading Scripture can help us regain perspective.

4. Have a plan. Build a routine around the things that draw us closer to God. We know that God is always with us and that He cares about even the most mundane aspects of our lives. Our work is important to Him, so by offering it to Him as a form of prayer, we most effectively accomplish His will.

-Extracted from the book, ‘Faith at Work-Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck’ by Kevin Lowry

Keeping Fit

Praise the Lord! This was my greatest achievement in 2014 as an English teacher. My pupil, Rosasyidah had become the winner for Zon Pedalaman, and as you watch on video was recorded in Tawau, Sabah as she competed in English public speaking state-level.

A very good morning to our chairman, honourable judges, teachers and friends. The title of my speech today is, ‘Keeping Fit’.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In this day and age, most of us know the benefits of keeping fit. Modern society has come to the point that we need to keep fit to stay alive. Our work normally does not involve hard physical labour. So, many of us lack exercises. The consequence of not getting enough exercise is frightening. On the mildest scale we may simply grow fat. On a more ominous scale, we may develop all sorts of ailments that can kill us before we grow old. So we exercise for our lives.

There are various means by which we can get the exercise we need. If we live in the city and can afford it, there are fitness clubs and gymnasiums that can cater to our needs. They offer aerobic dancing, jazz dancing, weight training and other sorts of body torture guaranteed to make us sweat. For the poorer ones there are other cheaper alternatives for keeping fit.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Games like badminton, squash and tennis are popular with many who like a bit of competition in their exercise. Others play hockey, soccer and similar field games. Others engage in mild games of snooker or bowling. While the intensity of physical exertion differs in each game, they all give certain amounts of exercise to the participants. Who can say how much exercise a person needs? It all depends on his physical condition and his willingness to participate.

By far the most popular form of keeping fit is jogging. It is also relatively cheap. All a jogger needs is a good pair of running shoes, some decent and comfortable clothes, a track to run on and a desire to do something beneficial for his body.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thus, we can see joggers in the parks, fields and roads early in the morning and also in the evening. These people are of various shapes, sizes and ages. They dress in all sorts of outfits ranging from simple drab ones to flashes of colour enough to distract other joggers. Nevertheless, all of them huff and puff their way along their chosen paths. Some jog rather quickly while others look like they are out more for a stroll than a run. Some fitter ones jog easily and smoothly while some obviously not-so-fit ones drag their tired feet one after another along the track. By merely looking at the face of a runner, one can tell if he is feeling all right or feeling tortured.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Come organised runs like marathons and half-marathons, we see virtually thousands of people running and walking along the route for prizes that most will not get. The point is not to win anything except the satisfaction of knowing one has completed the distance. This is an achievement in itself. Twenty six miles by car is a long enough journey. The same distance by foot is far longer and infinitely more tiring, if one can make it at all.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Whatever means we emply to keep fit is up to us. In fact we have the choice whether we want to keep fit or leave our bodies alone. The benefits of keeping fit are many provided we do not do it to extremes. There are cases of people over-exercising themselves to death. That defeats the whole purpose of keeping fit. Performed moderately, exercise does keep us fit and healthy. Let me end my speech by asking all of you, ‘Would you like to keep fit?’ It is your body, you decide!

Thank you.

You are fired!This lady is unprofessional (PART 1)

First and foremost, let me tell you that I am not here to create a story. I repeat, I am not manipulating. The person (boss) I am referring to is in control or perhaps I should call her Hitler reborn from SJK© Fish Can Fly. She is none other than my respectful headmistress, Madam Wing. I am sorry to say that she doesn’t deserve my respect anymore even at the time of writing this. At first I thought of putting the title, ‘The Crazy Dog is Barking’, but it would not do my soul any good therefore the above is the most suitable title that I can think of. She is unprofessional with her words and actions. She is crazy, and therefore she should be fired! There are several events that lead me to complain about this. The root cause of this rant comes from the poor English results during the Trial UPSR 3 exam which was held recently.

Let me start with the first event which was quite dramatic. It was on 16th May which was Teacher’s Day in Malaysia. I had just finished my lesson when I came down to staffroom, my mentor, Ms. P was there at my table. She asked me to tell all the English teachers to gather in the staffroom for a while. At that time, I was aware that I had school tuition at 1.15pm., so I told my mentor about that. The short meeting was about the generous company from the US planning to donate free English books to our school. She brought some books that day, and encouraged all of the English teachers to optimize the books in the school. She had been suggested that we cut the beautiful pictures from the books and make good use of the books. Out of the blue, the headmistress angrily came down from upstairs and scolded me and another teacher, who should be giving tuition, to go quickly into the classroom. She also raised her tone, reprimanding my mentor for disturbing the tuition hours which was very unprofessional. Couldn’t she see us busy discussing with our mentor? She could have gone into the classroom and given motivation to the Year 6 pupils? Would she do the same if Deputy of Education Minister was there? This showed that she did not give respect to my mentor at all. There were some teachers present during that time and they all agreed that she was really rude and unprofessional. Many of my colleagues would agree that she also likes to waste pupils’ time by entering the class late sometimes. After tuition, me and my colleagues were again called and scolded by her (Teacher’s Day present). She said something that we teachers must not waste pupils’ time. The truth is we didn’t do this on purpose.

The second event happened because Madam Wing was not satisfied with the poor performance of the UPSR Trial 3 exam results which only 1 pupil managed to pass. (blame the exam-oriented system in Malaysia) On 1st July during the morning school assembly, again she said something unprofessional. Besides scolding pupils for the poor results, she told pupils indirectly that my mentor, Ms. P was not here in school to improve Year 6 English subject. She was indirectly expressing that she could not accept the poor result due to the fact that our school has this English Language Teacher Development Programme (ELTDP). All the teachers heard this during the assembly. This is unacceptable and unprofessional to blame ELTDP. ELTDP has got nothing to do with Year 6 pupils’ English subject at all. She was speaking publicly to all the teachers that we should accept the poor results, but the reality is that she can’t accept the failure and kept reproaching us that it was the teachers’ fault. Why couldn’t she focus on intervention instead of looking for a reason? Simply because she is a perfectionist and she is the one who cannot accept the failure of her pupils. Shouldn’t she know that the quote from Thomas A. Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” For indirectly blaming my mentor for the poor result, this is unprofessional!

The third event was even worse. It had been taking place at her office. On the same day, she called me to her office to discuss the intervention for poor results of English subject. Frankly speaking, she was once again sarcastically blaming ELTDP. I was surprised that she asked me three times what the ELTDP was all about. She said she would be speechless if PPD officers came to school and asked her about it. I was so innocent at that time and I asked her what was so difficult to explain. ‘You could just tell them my mentor was here for mentoring and developing/supporting English teachers’ proficiency!’ I said. I also clarified to her twice that it was unprofessional to blame my mentor for the poor result of English subject. Personally I could not accept that she kept pointing fingers at everyone, but not at the pupils’ attitude and low proficiency level. When she had suggested that I go into the Year 6 classroom every Thursday and Friday from 6.30am-7a.m, I was already frustrated and turned down her suggestion. I suggested to her that pupils could self-study and read English story books independently during that time. She said that reading story books was not a good idea and raised her tone, saying that I have failed my Year 6 pupils up until this moment. She wanted me to focus more on UPSR format questions which I felt was not the best solution, since my pupils don’t have strong grammar and lack vocabulary. The ironic thing was that she agreed that my idea was indeed good for the pupils’ long term and life-long learning. That’s what I believe! To prepare pupils for life-long learning, not just prepare for the UPSR. She advised me to only drill the pupils with UPSR question formats. She also mentioned that if we were to try our best to help the pupils now, parents could see that we have not failed their kids, moreover the English panel will gain recognition! ‘I don’t want recognition and if the pupils have got good result by themselves, it is their hard work, not me!’ I said. She also told me that she did not know where to put her face if the school only achieves 1 pupil pass the UPSR exam. She told me she didn’t know how to explain to PPD officers and I told her I will explain and be ready for the justification. She was unhappy about that. It’s only for the sake of her face but not for the pupils? She is only concerned about her face or pride basically. I guess she has lost the definition of education! She is just unprofessional and selfish to answer me in that way. Besides she also lectured me on sacrifices sarcastically saying to me that I don’t sacrifice enough for my pupils.

To be honest, it is very unprofessional to say that I don’t sacrifice enough for my pupils’ sake. Shall I show off in front of her how much I have sacrificed for the pupils? I don’t like doing that. I prefer to keep all my hard work in a low profile. I don’t think I am a lazy teacher either. Talk about sacrifice, I once put in a lot of effort guiding two pupils in their spelling competition and both of them have got first and second place respectively at zone level. Why shouldn’t she think that perhaps Year 6 pupils will become great sportsmen or sportswomen in the future? Has she not thought about the theory of multiple intelligences? How could she force me to teach the fish to fly without wings? How could she have lost faith in my teaching? Personally, I look at the situation positively and the failure of English subject in the trial UPSR 3 could be the seed of glory! Madam Wing could have faith in my teaching and should not say useless statements pessimistically. In the Year 6 classroom upon returning their papers, I motivated them to not focus on their marks, there is always hope! If they quit the English subject, I have not quit on teaching them! All the teachers agreed that she is indeed a dictator and she should be fired. If you were to ask or interview all the teachers at the school, they would all agree with me that she should be transferred to a new school. If she’s still in the school for another year knowing that I have written this, she would be very vindictive towards me. Either she gets transferred to another school or I will get my transfer as soon as possible. I am looking forward to the best solution. Personally I wish Madam Wing could re-consider whether she is suitable to be headmistress or not. Perhaps she can be an excellent science teacher. Send her to a quiet place for three months and let her reflect on herself! My current workplace is more alive and stress-free without her! I would like to end by saying, ‘God is in total control, not you Madam Wing!’ Be professional. Be more loving.

p.s: The lady was given the name Madam Wing to protect her identity and privacy. Surprisingly, the highlighted part as you read in this entry triggers  me into something beyond my comprehension. Stay tuned for my PART 2!

Teaching: The rewards & negative aspects

The rewards

· You are your own boss- to a large extent you teach what you want.

· You are working with the subject that you enjoy, day after day.

· There is good job security and pay rises are automatic.

· The job is as creative as you want to make it.

· The job is as big as you want to make it.

· You can make a real difference to your children.

· You can form lasting relationships with students and staff.

· If you are good, your children will always remember you.

· There is excellent variety from day to day.

· You can gain valuable experience of a variety of jobs and situations.

· The actual school day is very short.

· It is a good job to combine with having a family.

· The teachers’ pension is a good perk.

· The holidays really are very good indeed- this is a big perk. (If you’re not convinced about this, just ask any office worker who only gets 20 days annual leave!)

The negative aspects

· The job is physically and emotionally tiring.

· The job expands to meet the extend of your dedication.

· You will encounter difficult and even disturbed children (and parents).

· You may put at risk of injury from these students.

· The nature of the job can lead to cynicism.

· The salary will never be brilliant and only rises very slowly.

· You friends in other professions will rapidly start earning (a lot) more.

· There is a lack of genuine promotion prospects for many teachers.

· Ironically, experienced teachers become too expensive for some schools.

· You will often have to work late, in your own time, to do a good job.

· You may be too tired to appreciate those lovely long holidays.

(Extracted from the book, ‘How to survive your first year in teaching’, by Sue Cowley)

P.S: Thanks for lending me the book Ms. Philippa. Proudly to say that I survived my first year in teaching. Hurray! Praise the Lord.

A New Serenity Prayer

Blessed New Year 2013! It’s a first day of schooling. My teaching goal for this year: Put God first. Pray more. Grades do not define who they are.What I should be concerned about is what went wrong! Teach them how to fish and not giving them fish freely. May I be a faithful and loving instrument in the building up of your kingdom on earth as I try to follow the example of your Son Jesus Christ, the greatest Teacher.Amen.

On this first day of schooling also, I’m

Finding God in A New Serenity Prayer by James Martin, SJ as below:


God, grant me the serenity
to accept the people I cannot change,
which is pretty much everyone,
since I’m clearly not you, God.
At least not the last time I checked.

And while you’re at it, God,
please give me the courage
to change what I need to change about myself,
which is frankly a lot, since, once again,
I’m not you, which means I’m not perfect.
It’s better for me to focus on changing myself
than to worry about changing other people,
who, as you’ll no doubt remember me saying,
I can’t change anyway.

Finally, give me the wisdom to just shut up
whenever I think that I’m clearly smarter
than everyone else in the room,
that no one knows what they’re talking about except me,
or that I alone have all the answers.

Basically, God,
grant me the wisdom
to remember that I’m
not you.



Can do statements

Which step

1. I can recognise the need for progression and development in pupil’s learning.

2. I can define clear objectives of my lesson.

3. I can define my pupil’s needs and interests.

4. I can plan a lesson related to my pupil’s needs and interests.

5. I can adapt and develop materials for the need of my class.

6. I can use my teaching time efficiently.

7. I can use various interaction patterns in class to encourage optimum individual learning.

8. I can balance teacher input and pupil activity.

9. I can organise a student-centred classroom.

10. I can exploit opportunities for learning beyond the classroom.

11. I can use a variety of teaching techniques and strategies.

12. I can use spoken words to encourage learning.

13. I can encourage learning by using adequate body language, e.g. eye contact, proximity, gestures, posture, etc.

14. I can explain instructions clearly.

15. I can check if my pupils understand my instructions.

16. I can use effectively group discussion.

17. I can provide opportunities for my pupils to speak.

18. I can use concept checking questions.

19. I can reflect and act upon my pupil’s responses.

20. I can control my class using a wide range of methods.

21. I can anticipate problems in the classroom.

22. I can handle unforeseen problems.

23. I can use sanctions and rewards.

24. I can present material in a lively and attractive manner.

25. I can be flexible and change my lesson plan to respond to my pupil’s reactions.

26. I can balance my input and pupil’s activity.

27. I can inform my pupils of the lesson aims before we start the lesson.

28. I can encourage my pupils to be more autonomous learners.

29. I can promote learning beyond the classroom.

30. I can create classroom displays in order to support learning.

31. I can use the blackboard competently.

32. I can share supplementary materials with my colleagues.

33. I can use the Internet to look for and create supplementary materials.

34. I can involve my children in creating supplementary materials.

35. I can use other subject areas as language resources.

36. I can relate present knowledge of my pupils to new material.

37. I can use various techniques to elicit knowledge from my pupils.

38. I can assess my pupils informally.

39. I can assess my pupils formally.

40. I can provide a detailed profile of each pupil’s learning.

41. I can monitor my pupil’s progress by using problem solving and role play.

42. I can monitor my pupil’s progress by using presentations.

43. I can monitor my pupil’s progress by using self and peer assessment.

44. I can create follow-up activities based on my pupil’s performance.

45. I can identify potential of exams to provide feedback or feedforward on teaching.

46. I can balance learning needs with exam requirements.

47. I can teach towards exams and extend pupils abilities, knowledge and understanding.

48. I can use test results to inform and improve teaching.

49. I can reflect and act upon experience in the classroom.

50. I can use various teaching techniques to develop pupil’s listening skills.

51. I can use various teaching techniques to develop pupil’s reading skills.

52. I can use various teaching techniques to develop pupil’s writing skills.

53. I can use various teaching techniques to develop pupil’s speaking skills.

54. I can use various teaching techniques to develop pupil’s phonological awareness.

55. I can use different ways of introducing stories to motivate my learners.

56. I can use my language art lessons as a means of consolidating pupil’s knowledge.

57. I can use songs, rhythms and chants in various ways to motivate my pupils.

What is your response?

Yes, I am confident I can do that.

I’m not so sure I can do that. I need some support.

No, I have never done that.

English UPSR Workshop (PART 2)

It was a successful workshop which was held almost 3 months ago. When all the planning and activities planted in my head and seeing them unfolded one-by-one, that’s what I call a sense of accomplishment. I could feel a deep sense of joy and what’s more when there was a pupil wrote in her free topic composition about how fun this workshop was to her. That’s what I want to achieve. I am not concerning on marks first. My main objective was to instil them that learning language is fun.  Recently, I heard a newspaper report on certain individual involvement in buying fake degrees. How could someone on earth doing such thing? Does h/she happy with that accomplishment deep down from his/her hearts? A lie is a lie and I will not respect someone who has chosen to purchase fake degrees.

Back to the workshop, due to time constraints, some of the activities had been cancelled. I learnt how importance planning was. I also learnt that when your activities were fun, you would experience running out of time instead of complaining time allocated was too long. However, I strongly disagree that the pupils should be given 4 hours long tuition for only one subject. It would be rationale and wise if pupils are  having 2 subjects in between 2 hours gap. It was tiring to me and the pupils themselves if this is to be done everyday. It is possible thing to do and I have experienced it all by myself giving 4 hours tuition for ONLY one subject, but my conclusion is the time duration is too long and shall be shortened to only 2 hours! Anyway, the workshop was indeed successful and enjoyable. Let the photos below tell the stories on that day:

Listing down the activities for the pupils

 Pupils are doing Word Search


Running dictation


Pupils are watching ‘On My English’


Trying to act it out one of the scenes, ‘Chop my letter!’


‘Oh My English!’ correcting the mistakes


 Finally, pupils have fun plus stress-free taking mock exams.

English UPSR Workshop (PART 1)


I could not believe that I have been teaching for half a year now. I am still alive teaching and learning full with passion. I am also looking forward to two glorious weeks of school holidays. I long for this break so that I have time to reflect my teaching. I long for this break so that I have time for reading. I long for this break so that I have time to voice out my dissatisfaction as well as my blessings. So many things in my head I would like to share about especially my works in school. Thanks be to God for He has been good to me all the time. His grace truly is sufficient for me to cope with the challenges in workplace. I’ve received the news that my first paycheck has already banked in to my account. Praise the Lord. I have waited this moment for about 5 months. How could I still working happily though I have not got my salary for about 5 months? (wondering) I see this happening to me in different perspective. Perhaps God is testing my desires? Yeah, I don’t desire for money in this life. Money does not bring happiness in my life. Then I ask myself a deep question, ‘What then will bring me to happiness?’ COMMUNION WITH GOD. I think about this ultimate goal everytime I ask the question about what truly makes me happy. Now I long for a break so that I can pray. Failed. We don’t pray only when we have a break! Due to hectic life, my prayer life goes very dry. I long for His presence. I long for time that I can dialogue with Almighty. Most importantly, I long for this holiday so that I can be still, be still in prayer and communicate with Him.

Now I am really into the topic of this entry. What would you do if you are assigned to give free tuition for 4 hours to Year 6 target pupils in school during holiday? Complaint no more. I have got to turn this into positive thinking from a negative one. Didn’t I tell you that I long for a break? How could you give 4 hours tuition as pupils’ attention span nowadays are getting shorter? So I would rather call it, ‘English Fun Learning UPSR Workshop’. I hope all the 12 target pupils will attend this workshop as I have planned it 3 weeks ago. Basically I have planned variety of activities such as ‘Oh My English’, running dictation, reading a poem, story, song, Word Search, and not to forget photocopying trial exams for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. I want to make sure that this workshop is not going to make the pupils fall asleep. I want to make sure pupils will have fun learning the language besides preparing them for the exam. I want to eliminate in their minds that getting an A is not vital for the exam. Not only I teach, but also I educate. They first need to ask themselves, ‘What have I learned?’ rather than ‘How many A I will score in my exam?’ I have done my best to crack my head and bones for this workshop which will be held on this coming 4th of June. I just hope and pray that everything runs smoothly according to what I plan. Headmistress has also listened to my ideas and given me a green light to bring my personal camera to snap all the activities on that day for my personal documentation and reflection. What is lacking now is which activities I shall put first. Set induction? Presentation? Practice? Production? Closure? From planning stage to implementation stage of this workshop,I somehow imagine myself as a ‘spiritual director’ in the realm of Education giving a retreat to participants. Funny as it sounds, I am so grateful that I am pretty ALIVE (passion to teach) in my career for the past 5 months. I am learning to see God in everything especially my vocation as an educator. I know He is watching over me. He is my source of strength. He is my source of wisdom. Once again, praise the Lord!