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True Hero of this week!

I believe the children are our future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty they possess inside

Give them a sense of pride to make it easier

Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

Everybody searching for a hero

People need someone to look up to

I never found anyone who fulfill my needs

A lonely place to be

So I learned to depend on me

The extracted verse above sung by Whitney Houston entitled, ‘Greatest Love of All’. Everybody is searching for a hero, and I found a hero this week. He fights better than IP MAN.He has got big muscles bigger than Transformer. He is actually a fireman.Fireman sounds like, ‘Man on fire’. So, he is a firefighter.  His job is to put out hazardous fires. Not only that! He helps kid to catch snake or rescues a cat from an apple tree. Let’s us call him, Hero for I have forgotten his name.

Hero came to school alone with his weapon-fire extinguisher. It was fire drill time happened in my school this week. He came to school by himself. No companions. Of all the fire drills that I had experienced, this one is the best! He gave talk, put up the booth; demonstrate how to put out fire alone. One man show! I salute him.  He shared us one truth story. There was a fire at the car service centre and causing a car damaged terribly. When came to post-mortem, he found out there was a fire extinguisher at the side, but not been utilized it to the max. “Don’t always call firefighter when there is a fire burning.” Said Hero.

My key point for this entry is ‘use common sense’. We are human, and not transformer. I was imposing some strict rules for the kids. No toilet while I am teaching! What if? Use common sense. If 10 kids really want to pee, then I have to just let them go. But I only have 1 permission go-out passport? Use common sense. It can be shared what.

Back to hero this week, he really deserved the name, Hero. If one of the IP MAN’s disciples were to ask him whether he can put out the fire burning in house alone (can you fight 10 transformer?). My answer is yes. If he were the only teacher in school, hero can really run the school by himself! Truly, he is the true hero of this week. ONE MAN SHOW.


Gear Up Swimmingly

Tuning into lite and easy radio station, the sentimental music from yesterday and today vibrating into my ears gives me an initial sense of euphoria and a relaxed environment and yet I feel de-motivated. I just cannot give you my broad smile. To de-stress, I even turned down an unexpected invitation from my friend to go to karaoke and movies. My low-pitched voice would only be heard at the bathroom chasing away all the unwanted guests. Perhaps this entry would remind me to NEVER GIVE UP. I have experienced falling down and I became strong again many times. That is ME, MYSELF and I.

As I was setting my goal and gaining better results this new semester, I have failed two quizzes. These two courses which are speaking and listening give me a hard time exactly as I had expected. I just listen in one ear and out the other, speaking rock back and forth. Can someone give me inspiration like ‘You are such a dumb ox?’ I can accept that. Two courses appeal me most this semester: thinking & communication skills (CCTS) and child psychology. To think critically and not to judge things easily is what I have learned during CCTS. Reading newspaper needs a longer time now. For Child Psychology, it explains the basic principles, major concepts and chronological milestones underlining normal growth and development from birth to adolescence. If possible, I want to pursue PHD on Educational Psychology. She (the lecturer) is superb. Move on to lesson planning. It seems a daunting task for me. I need to give full attention to it. I see lesson planning like a surgeon equipped with medical knowledge before he enters the operating room. How do you choose a topic? Which order do you do the tasks in? What if you run out of time? What if you run out of materials? Ah! So many things to think about!

I walked around the class next door during the free hours a few weeks ago. Since there was no one in the class, I flipped on The STAR newspaper and saw this puzzle game called SUDOKU. Bringing this puzzle back to my class, I succumbed and got addicted to solve the puzzle. Never underestimate SUDOKU! Playing it a few times slowly improves my concentration. No math is needed to complete the puzzles, and no guessing should be necessary either. It nurtures logical mathematical intelligence. Hopefully these logic puzzles make my brain smarter and even halt the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. I realized people good at Sudoku are also good at languages. Is that true? Logically speaking, I would say no. I know the way to nurture verbal linguistic intelligence. That is simply through read and reading.

Do you read blogs? Tell you what. Lately, I read all the blogs from theological to political point of views. I am just wondering why people treat blog as news. Why?Look for Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 7th edition and flip to page 153. I proceed to my logical thought on blogs. There is NOTHING in this world that he or she can’t or shouldn’t blog about. It is the people who read what particular blogs about that becomes a problem. No one held an elephant over your head and coerced you into reading it.Ever thought of that? A blog is not a discussion forum with stringent rules. A blog is not a heavily censored television show. No matter how famous and widely publicized it becomes. It is a space meant for personal thoughts that are bound to be provoking and disagreeable, whether you like it or not. If you want to be happy with everything that you read, then don’t read blogs. I would suggest you to read children books. Think critically. Human are able to judge whether it is good or bad.

You have probably watched Beijing Olympic last month? Would you like to share which moment gave you a SHOCK? For me, a dropped baton. The United States team suffered twice. First in the men’s 4x100m and again in the women’s 4x100m race. A dropped baton, during the exchange between the penultimate and final runner, means wasted time and a sure loss. Ask them: could they predict the dropped baton? They could not, but they have learned perhaps not to take anything for granted, even the simple passing of a baton. Usain Bolt was simply fantastic. He won a gold medal with 9.69 seconds run in 100m. He grabbed gold in 200m run as well. Another crazy guy is Michael Phelps. Timing myself that day, inspired and acting like him in swimming pool, I would only make approximately 8 minutes for 100m. Kudos to Michael Phelps.

By now, charming and saintly Cheryl has settled down in UK. I will be missing you these three years. I won’t forget how wonderful it was, when we met the first time in an unexpected way. Thanks for your prayer. Thanks for your last advice : ‘Patience. Nothing comes easy in life. The longer the climb, the more beautiful the view at the top. Keep working hard. Your labour will bear fruit one day.’I know what you meant. I would take it step by step, simply concentrating on the act of studying. All the best and let’s work hard to achieve our dreams. When we are in the present, let’s give full focus to it. The presence will flow and transform what we do. How about in the future? Take it easy. You will see the value in patience.

Wakakaahem..UmmHahahahaha.(coughing actually). To all of my friends who played prank on me, the prize of the flour cheap-hor? You guys were so bad. I am now officially announced that I am 21 years old. Birthday celebration for this year will be my sweetest and unforgettable one. Thanks for everything. I love the cakes. Can I have more sushi? Thanks chief for your spaghetti. Thanks for the drinks.Thanks for the clothes. The verse is awesome. Wearing it turning me into new muscular outlook, I need to gear up now. May infinitely rich Father bless you all.

Ps: To all my Moslem friends, Selamat Hari Raya, patik memohon maaf zahir dan batin! Never ever forget to bring back ketupat-s,dodol-s,lemang-s,and cookies. Typing them also make me mouth-watering.