My ICT Diary

 PBEY 4103: ICT in the ESL Classroom

This course builds on previous methodology courses on teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing by leading students to utilize ICT in language learning. Students will be exposed to the use of instructional systems in language learning such as LCMS. They will also be exposed to e and m learning strategies in the ESL classroom. Students will be trained to design and develop storyboards. They will explore a variety of computer software and internet based materials to enhance language learning.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

1. to recognize the principles and application of ICT in the curriculum

2. to identify and integrate ICT in the ESL classroom

3. to identify and implement storyboarding techniques

4. to design and develop content for use in the ESL classroom

ICT Instructor:  Miss Ng Huey Zher

Cohort 4 IPIK-UM brothers and sisters:


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